2016 Donors

A huge heartfelt thank you to those who donated throughout the year to help our work continue. If you would like to be one of these stars that continuously supports our work throughout the year, sign up here to become a monthly donor.

Seeds of Change Campaign

70 kind and caring community members helped BTCEA raised $28,388 in just a few short weeks! 

We’re so very energized by and grateful for the outpouring of your generosity, for your belief in this work, and for all the kind words and services offered.

Here is a list of those that financially contributed to Be The Change Earth Alliance during our 2016 Seeds of Change campaign. We are continuing our fundraising efforts in 2017 so if you would like to make a donation or become a monthly donor, please visit our support page.

Educational Champions ($20-$49): Kristy Franks, Nancy Rose Meeker, Susan Bridgman, Kerry Kunz, Julie Kalmar, Andy Palomar, Steffany Pel, Shelley Gordon, Brianna LePiane, Max Adrien, Kim Higginson

Change Maker ($50-$99): Wendy Munroe, Bruce Batchelor, Jill Schroder, Julie Johnston, Susan Duncan, Matthew Heemskerk, Barbara Murphy-Bridge, Martina Marsic, Jean Kavanagh, Laurie Stewart, Peter Hartley, Diane & Don Marshall, Lindsay Neufeld, Jill Scott, Bruce & Linda Hodgson, Hank Malanson, Anne & Julian Hill Oates, Philippe Barois,Margaret Davidson

Trail Blazers ($100-$499): Eric Fefer, Jennifer Callaghan, Scott Head, Craig Munroe, Odessa Bromley, Melanie McDonald, Jan Pesek, Alan Ferguson, Clive and April Kendrick, Tine Rossing, Charles Anderson, Toni Pieroni, Chun Lum, Rosemary Cornell, Zsuzsanna Burak , Alex Burzynski, Terence Buie, Fred and Mary Paranchych, John Hooge, Suzanne Barois, Peter Ladner, Robert Tanaka, Mikael Fyfe, Randall White

Society Shapers ($500-$1999): Kate Sutherland, Murray Campbell, Maureen Jack-LaCroix, Gregory Almas, David Pel, Kim Smith, Margaret Fyfe, Florence Lockhart

Lorax ($5000 +): Derek LaCroix, Spencer Creo Foundation