Climate Action Champions


Climate Action Champion is an action-education initiative with the goal of reducing Vancouver’s ecological footprint through education and engagement of youth. BTCEA will be supporting youth to take individual, home, school and neighbourhood climate actions and engage their families and neighbors to do the same. Through various district, school, and community activities, the CAC program will:

  1. Youth will be educated about and engaged in taking actions for reducing their ecological footprints. Advanced leadership opportunities will support climate action champions to take on larger actions that engage their peers, parents, and communities to follow in their footprints.
  2. Track, measure, and assess climate action engagement and its short and medium term impact on Vancouver’s ecological footprint.
  3. Educate and empower the general public on climate action during CAW. Following the example of New York City, Vancouver’s Climate Action Week will showcase the important role of individuals, organizations, and communities in ensuring the successful implementation of the Paris Agreement and regional sustainability goals.

Want to become a climate action champion?

Coming Soon: Action Portal