Erin Leckie

An experienced and well-traveled outdoor and environmental educator and guide, Erin’s passion for environmental sustainability and social justice led her away from the guiding world to join Be The Change in the collaborative creation of the groundbreaking new sustainability curriculum for high school students back in 2011. She has Diplomas in Wilderness Leadership, Adventure Guiding, Holistic Bodywork, and a degree in Adventure Tourism Management, along with participating and a variety of shorter courses and programs over the years. Erin has sought out opportunities to be involved in building up other's leadership capacities and fostering shifting societal norms through initiatives, workshops, and community ever since she was young. 

Since Erin joined BTCEA, she has been managing and co-creating BTCEA’s Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS) program, along with facilitating SLS workshops and teacher professional development, Awaken & Change Symposiums, and fostering the human resources at BTCEA. Erin became BTCEA's Executive Director in September 2017 and has enjoyed pushing her creative capacity to support environmental and social justice education in emergent ways through new programs and approaches. 

In her spare time, Erin is passionate about showing up in diverse ways in community-based social and environmental movements, embracing time in the wilderness, living consciously and in community, exploring reconciliation and relationship with all our relations through local BC ceremony, and figuring out how to live with larger positive impact and a smaller footprint in new ways, every day.


Erin Leckie
Erin Leckie
Executive Director
Be the Change Earth Alliance

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