BTCEA's Program and Operations Coordinator

Eugenia began at BTCEA as a volunteer through the Arts Internship Program in the Summer of 2015 and stayed with us as a Program Assistant until October 2016. Two years later, after working as an Administrative Assistant for Lookout Society and volunteering with Battered Women Support Services, she returned to BTCEA as the Program and Operations Coordinator.

Eugenia completed a History and Political Science degree at UBC, focused on social justice and development in global affairs. Never having been formally taught about environmental sustainability in high school, Eugenia took it upon herself to get informed on the intersection of environmental and social justice and was the main reason she was so drawn to working with Be The Change. Eugenia loves working and developing programming that focuses on teaching youth relevant and contemporary issues surrounding environmental sustainability and exploring its social implications.

As a Program Coordinator, Eugenia has been responsible for the management and upkeep of the SLS Program and as Operations Coordinator, she has been responsible for many organizational needs, including website development and administrative organization. She has been an outstanding asset to the organization, bringing her competence and reliability to the fore while acquiring great skill in supporting and managing other staff and projects.

Eugenia Serrano
Eugenia Serrano
Program and Operations Coordinator
Be The Change Earth Alliance

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