Integral Approach


In designing the Be The Change program, we were continually inspired by Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach. His model proposes that, in order to transform individuals and societies, we need to be working simultaneously in four fields of the human experience: the individual, internal, behavioural and cultural. These four fields translate into the Be The Change program in the following ways:

I: Individual/Interior
Individually, we examine our values and beliefs, thoughts about the state of the world, and how we feel about what is happening. Circle participants inform themselves by accessing excellent resource materials that offer a different worldview. These resources support us as we evaluate our priorities and the values that guide our decisions. We are encouraged to take self-responsibility and feel empowered to envision the world we want to live in.

It: Individual/External
We are aware of the personal ecological ‘footprint’ created by our actions and strive to make ecologically conscious choices in our daily lives. We rely on the mutual support and accountability of the circle to help shed old habits and spark lasting change.

We: Collective Interior
In circle, we dialogue with one another to clarify our shared values, identify our unexamined assumptions, and gain insight into how each person experiences their shift in the worldview. This is an ongoing process, and the circle structure helps to shift our social context from one of disengaged isolation to one of interconnection.

It’s: Collective/External
We act collectively to transform our institutions and social systems. In schools, businesses and community groups we identify ways to collectively conserve energy and resources, reduce consumption, educate our social decision makers, and support healthy, bio-regional food systems and economies.