Be The Change Earth Alliance focuses on global sustainability through education that fosters informed, critical thinking citizens who are empowered and equipped to take action in their own lives and in their communities.

We are working towards an environmentally sustainable, spiritually and personally fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet. 


We believe in… 

  • A holistic and interconnected understanding of the world that allows students to be socially responsible, with big and small actions, in our global community

  • Informed students becoming actively engaged and passionate citizens who impact their families, communities, and society at large towards meaningful change

  • Empowering youth to look to the future with hope and purpose and instilling a sense of personal agency necessary for systemic change   
  • Accessible education on contemporary environmental and social issues that accommodates diverse learning styles, perspectives, and backgrounds 
  • Constantly changing and updating our educational materials and styles to reflect the current state of social and sustainability science 
  • Embodying and living our Values (Health, Conscious Consumption, Conservation, Connection, Justice and Innovation) within our organization and in all of our educational materials 
  • Equipping students with the analytical and critical thinking skills that support confident leadership in both the classroom and real life situations