We create new and innovative space for holistic sustainability learning in the education system through:

a. developing and delivering school programs & resources for educators, learners, and partners

b. fostering a community of leaders through capacity building and tools to support change



Be the Change Earth Alliance is a Vancouver-based charitable organization that empowers individual and collective change for a resilient, just, connected, and sustainable world.

Our Goals:

  • To build capacity of educators and facilitators to deliver sustainability education
  • To empower youth and community members to be environmentally and socially responsible
  • To take a holistic approach that integrates the environment, social justice, and spiritual connection
  • To empower action and behaviour change towards a more just and sustainable and future
  • To develop tools and supports for young leaders that allow them to take climate action
  • To increase measurable regional impact in Metro Vancouver and beyond
  • To embody our values

Our Core Values:

  • Empowerment | Stewardship | Leadership
  • Connection | Deep listening | Relationship | Inclusivity
  • Dynamism | Responsiveness | Innovation | Lifelong learning and growth