New SLC Curriculum Features

We’ve made the following changes to SLC: 

  • New BC Ministry Course connections here(a few still to come)
  • Updates and improvements in the student Action Packs in the Action Surveys, Local Activities, Critical Thinking & Global Research Questions
  • Lesson Plans have increased options for deeper and increased reflection and creative and critical thinking for students
  • Stakeholders Charts in Further Explorations now include key Indigenous issues
  • Updates to Related Careers & Current Events
  • Health Value will have an Active Transportation Action Pack
  • A new Careers offering for grades 6/7 and 8/9
  • Entirely new “Climate Change” Package for Grade 7 Science, including a Lesson Plan and in-class activities
  • Entirely new “Climate Systems” Package for Grade 9 Science, including a Lesson Plan and in-class activities

This year or next look out for materials on… an Aboriginal Land Rights Action Pack, a First People’s Interconnectedness section for Action Packs,  Emotional and Social Intelligence for Teens, Math Matters and Waste Watchers materials.