How can taking action to improve my personal health help create a healthier planet?

“Walk with love, honour, respect and compassion for all things in Creation, including yourself.”
Aline LaFlamme, Metis Elder

Although doctors in the operating room are working miracles in our hospitals, the rate of cancer, diabetes, autism, obesity and infertility are rising fast. It’s time for us to look at the cause and not just for a cure. We need more information in order to make healthy choices about our own bodies. Many of the toxins that are linked to these problems are in the food we eat and the chemicals all around us. So, as we take action to keep these toxins out of our environment it also helps us to stay healthy… and saves thousands of dollars in medical costs down the road. When we’re healthy, the planet is healthier. When we’re feeling good we increase our productivity, happiness and self-confidence. Let’s ‘be in the know’, so we can make educated decisions about our and the planet’s health.