Value Justice

How can I stand for a socially just human presence on this planet?


“Our Lakota Elders tell us that the honour of one is the honour of all. Likewise, the hurt of one is the hurt of all. As long as one part of Creation is hurting, we are all hurting."
Aline LaFlamme, Metis Elder

Many Social Justice issues become Environmental Justice issues when the effects of over consumption, industrial pollution, and global climate change are felt the most severely by the marginalized and vulnerable people in our local and international communities. New legislation addressing Environmental Rights is already in place in over 100 countries, but not yet in Canada. Where do the rights of people and nature to clean drinking water interact with industry waste and pollution and corporations selling bottled water? Many of our daily choices will help or further degrade millions of people and our over-stressed environment. Let’s get informed, make educated choices and share our knowledge with others.