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Environmental Avengers - Reducing waste Link 1


SLS Related Current Events

INT – 2015 June 23rd - Just-Style “Can technology shape a sustainable fashion future?” New creative networks are developing technologies to help make fashion and footwear companies more sustainable. Event 1

CAN – 2015 June 23rd - Circle of Blue “Toxic Algae Blooms Prompts Clean-Up Commitment from Great Lakes Governors” Algae bloom in Lake Erie has prompted leaders in the Great Lakes region to make stronger commitments to improving water quality. Event 2

INT – 2015 June 1st - MNT “Wastewater treatment may give rise to new antibiotics” New studies are suggesting that chlorination of water can change antibiotics in water into new forms and contribute to the creation of antibiotic resistance. Event 3

INT – 2015 June 4th - Green Biz “Have surfers discovered the future of sustainable design?” A California based surf board company has developed the world’s first algae based surf board as an alternative to foam normally used. Event 4

INT – 2015 May 18th - The Tower “Revolutionary Israeli Device Creates Fuel From Organic Waste” A new machine developed in Israel will convert organic waste into bio-gas for cooking heating and lighting replacing indoor fires that can cause deaths. Event 5