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Friends of Pioneer - Pioneer Forest Thinning Link 1

PVSS Environmental Framework, Sustainability and Energy Reduction Link 2

Water is life Link 3

The Planet Protectors! Link 4


SLS Related Current Events

INT – 2015 July 6th Vox “What Bees Can Teach us About one of the Biggest Debates in Conservation” Recently a team of scientists discovered that only a small fraction of bee species do most of the pollinating that’s so crucial to our food supply.  Event 1

INT-US – 2015 July 3rd - KPBS “How One California Alfalfa Farmer Cut His Water Use in Half” A farmer in California is experimenting with new irrigation technologies to bring water use down for water intensive crops like alfalfa. Event 2

INT – 2015 May 13th - GreenBiz, “Are carbon-removing gas stations the future of transportation?” This article asks the question: How can the gas station of the future remove excess carbon from the atmosphere instead of emit underground reserves of carbon into the atmosphere? Event 3

INT – 2015 May 13th PSKF “Fighting deforestation with Tree-planting Drones” New technology will not only determine what species of trees to plant in what locations it could also be doing the tree planting as well, replacing the need for by human tree planters. Event 4

INT – 2015    May 5th Treehugger “Keep cool without air conditioning sitting around the Climactic Table” Furniture designers are using technology to Zero Energy Furniture which absorbs heat and releases it to regulate temperature. Event 5