Why do we charge for SLS and what is the cost?

Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is a small B.C. charitable organization dedicated to supporting teachers with quality global sustainability education materials. We are constantly developing new offerings to augment the evolving SLS curriculum, updating the online Library of Links and Current Events articles, honing the materials to reflect teacher feedback, providing professional development workshops for teachers, updating the website and providing individual teacher support.

Although the Ministry of Education recognizes that environmental sustainability needs to be integrated into all subject areas, it does not provide financial resources for this work. BTCEA is supported by grants from foundations and private donors who believe that our youth need to understand today’s global sustainability issues and how to participate in positive change. It’s often challenging to make ends meet, but we believe passionately in this mission and are grateful for the work we do.

Some schools finance SLS resources and services through PAC funds or school and department budgets. In the past, we have sourced the BC Healthy Schools Inquiry Grant funding to cover the cost of the SLS license, which was set at $650 for the school year. This grant provides funds from the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education administered through DASH.  This provides the school with 'full-school access' to SLS for every teacher and student in their school.

This year, as the HSN grants were not available, we are offering the full-school license to our materials for only $100 for the school year. In the near future, we are hoping to see the curriculum be available for free to allow open and equal access to all teachers who want to use SLS in their classrooms.