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SLS Registration


Register for SLS: Student Leadership in Sustainability in three easy steps! 

  1. Download the SLS Registration Form here
  2. Fill out the form indicating the number of classes/students who will be using SLS and the version you would like to use:    

    3.  Email form to sls[at]

You will receive an email with your user account information and instructions within three days.

  • Do you have questions about SLS and how it might fit into your classroom?
  • Do you want to teach sustainability but are not sure how SLS will meet your specific PLO’s?
  • Do you need assistance to cover the cost? (It’s subsidized and nominal but if it’s a barrier, please use the equal access grants)
BTCEA is dedicated to sustainability education and we are happy to answer any of your questions.

Please feel free give us a call with any questions or to complete registration. Also, please click here to suggest best times for us to connect with you. We ask for times to connect as we know fist hand that busy dedicated teachers are often hard to get hold of. 

Are you a STUDENT who wants to learn about sustainability and bring this curriculum into your school? The Sustainability Ambassadors program was designed for you!  Please visit the SA page to learn about the different ways students are bringing sustainability education to their school