Lesson Videos

Let’s get an overview of the different topics in this Value. What are some of the things we should be aware of when working towards personal and global health? Let’s explore that: 

  • The Story of Our Generation(9:30) LessonVid1 (all modules) 
  • The Story of Food(5:40) LessonVid2 (Food Additives, GMOs, Fresh and Local, Toxicants)
  • The Meatrix(5:00) LessonVid3 (Story of Meat) 
  • Toxins(2:40) LessonVid4 (Toxicants)
  • Youth Food Movement(2:50) LessonVid5 (Fresh and Local)
  • Organic Farmer Boy(5:20) LessonVid6 (Food Additives, GMOs, Organics, Fresh and Local)
  • Plastics (5:20) LessonVid7 (Plastics) 
  • Action in Your School(1:50) LessonVid8


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