Change is possible when we work together. The continued success of Be The Change's transformative youth and teacher education programs, such as SLS and Waste Watchers, has been made possible by the generous contributions of our supporters.

Please join us and donate to help launch our ambitious Climate Action Champions Initiative, support our Environmental Educator Social Innovation Project, and help our Student Leadership in Sustainability curricula reach more youth in BC and beyond. 

 Six Years of Impact

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During BTCEA's "Twelve Days of Giving", we give our Be The Change community something to ponder each day over 12 days. New and old members of our community serenade you with the carol below that gets longer every day, showcasing our exciting educational offerings and the people and places that inspire us. To us, education and community engagement is best when it's fun, creative and meaningful. These gifts reflect the transformative actions, inspiration, and connections that donors like you bring to our work!

 We need to raise $25,000 by the end of the year to meet next year's goals through our game-changing programs. Thank you for considering donating and making these important programs possible. 

We are extremely grateful for any contribution you can make, large or small. We know there are many worthy organizations to support, and we are grateful for your support of Be The Change. We hope that through empowering more youth and their families, our programs will strengthen the successes of other organizations.

This is what we accomplished with your support last year.  

 Click the orange highlighted word in each sentence below to view the gift associated with that day.

“On the Twelfth day of giving, Be The Change gave to us…

Twelve green gifts
Eleven eco-educators
Ten songs to move you
Nine local wonders
Eight inspiring reads
Seven impactful actions
Six awesome groups
Five active youth
Four timely issues
Three power programs 
Two inspiring artists

And reflection on a great year"





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