2015/2016 SLS Evaluation

Thank you to all our new and returning teachers that brought SLS or LEDD into your classrooms this year! We have been thrilled at the feedback we have gotten so far.

There are 3 different ways of providing feedback this year:

  1. At 4:30pm Thursday, June 23rd Be The Change is inviting SLS teachers to come together as a group to discuss how using the program went, preceded by a short survey. This discussion will be followed by the Walking the Talk Social that we are co-hosting (RSVP here); it is also a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with other SLS teachers. Please RSVP here for our Focus Group as there is limited capacity.

  2. You can complete the teacher feedback survey or student feedback survey online or download and print the student evaluation. If you would prefer a printable copy of the teacher survey please let us know.

  3. You can call us and chat about your experience! We have a survey we can do with you across the phone. We have a few marketing students that would also love to pick a few teachers’ brains for some stories over the summer as well. 

Also, if you have any student Action Packs, Action Surveys, Student World Views, or other work to pass along to us, we always learn a lot from seeing how students work with the materials. We also collect samples of student actions for evaluation and reporting.