Our Blended Curriculum

SLC was originally offered as a “blended” design, combining the best of teacher facilitated class discussions and student presentations with independent student research referencing videos and articles online as well as research activities in the home or community. Student inquiries are deepened and supported through the structured process of the Action Packs and the opportunity to collaborate in small groups. Teachers are supported with extensive lesson plans and handouts for classroom activities.

The SLC Blended version is always the first to be updated and augmented, as most of our teachers are using this version of SLC. Some schools are choosing to go paperless by using the writable PDF Action Packs and others are distributing the student materials as handouts which can be downloaded and printed. 

Our Teacher Toolkit provides you with additional resources and information to bring sustainability education into your classroom. 

Click Here to download a sample Action Pack from the Blended Curriculum (Value Conservation, Action Pack #1 Transportation)


SLC in Numbers

Combined, the SLC Blended curriculum offers:

  • 44 Inquiry Questions
  • 44 Unique Local Activities
  • 212 Research Questions
  • 952 Research Links
  • 177 Critical Thinking Questions
  • 600 Empowed personal, household, school and community actions