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What does this mean?

Inspired by the rising student voices demanding change NOW, and the vital urgency of this decade, Be The Change is keen to remove any barriers that may impede the SLC inquiry-based resources from empowering every student to engage in life-changing actions to combat the Climate Emergency, Species Extinction Crisis, and related Social Justice issues of today.

Foregoing the annual $100 licensing fee, the SLC Open Access pilot approach offers teachers free access to lesson plans, classroom activities, student Action Packs and a comprehensive Library of Links. Upon signing up teachers can create an account for their students.

BTCEA is a charitable organization whose work is supported by donations and grants. We are currently asking school districts, foundations and individuals to donate to this open-access initiative to ensure that these resources continue to be updated for all to share. Teachers are also welcome to voluntarily make a tax-deductible donation to BTCEA for which a tax receipt will be issued.

What do I get for signing up?

SLC is comprised of a new Climate Action Unit as well as six independent, inter-changeable modules  that focus on developing core values for a sustainable worldview and lifestyle. Check out the ‘Innovation’ Module for supporting Capstone Projects and the Green Careers Unit.

Each SLC module not only includes a lesson plan and classroom activities but up to eight student inquiry & project-based 'Action Packs' that explore specific sustainability topics, providing research links and experiential activities to develop students’ core competencies in critical and creative thinking, communication, inquiry, and personal and social responsibility. SLC can be a turn-key resource or a creative launching pad for deep classroom discussions and capstone projects.

How do I sign up?

Follow up the instructions on the teacher registration page.

Book now for next fall! 

  • Climate Action Assembly for your school – dynamic and inspiring!
  • Climate Action Workshops facilitated by UBC students – youth to youth is so engaging!
  • ProD workshops for your school or district professional development days – ways to fulfill core competencies and integrate progressive pedagogical approaches.

Ask Us About:

  • Our inspiring Climate Action workshops & assemblies
  • Distance education versions of SLC program materials
  • LEDD – French versions of program materials
  • SLC teacher answer keys

Coming Soon!

  • More Climate Action lesson plans and classroom activities

Thank you for joining our community of teachers to empower a thriving, just, and sustainable school culture. We hope these tools support you in your teaching and your students’ learning to co-create a more globally sustainable future.


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