Action Circles

Action Circles are small groups of dedicated individuals who convene regularly to explore social and environmental issues and support and inspire one another in adopting sustainable lifestyle practices.

Why Circles?

Countless wisdom elders, including Joanna Macy, Thomas Berry, Margaret Wheatley, Matthew Fox and Deepak Chopra have recommended that we undertake the challenge of this global shift in consciousness and behavior by getting together in small groups or circles. It’s an age-old methodology, and it works. The illusion of separation is a huge obstacle to sustainable living, so the act of bringing people together is a vital part of the solution. The circle structure offers a degree of peer support and accountability that has helped thousands of people around the world to transform their despondency about our state of being into impassioned, focused action, creating ripples of positive change that echo far and wide.

Research and testing has shown that Circles can help us:
  • Deepen our understanding of the key issues facing humanity through meaningful dialogue
  • Make sustainable lifestyle choices that align to our values
  • Provide each other with peer support and accountability for great results
  • Build community for group projects and collective actions

How Can I Get Started?

Everything you need to start your own Action Circle is available right here on our website:

  • Download our free Circle Guide, that outlines the Action Circle process and provides a host of useful resources for circle convenors, including sample agendas, facilitation and communication tips, and much more!
  • Purchase a copy of the Be The Change Action Guide, a comprehensively researched reference manual that correlates global sustainability and social justice issues to hundreds of specific and achievable actions we can all take in our daily lives to help address them.