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As a student, your opinions and ideas on climate change education reform are needed right now!

Will you fill out our Student Survey and share your voice on what you want in your education to feel prepared to tackle climate change?

Climate Education Reform BC (CERBC) - a growing youth-led organization - is calling for changes to the BC education system in order to better prepare students and teachers to tackle the climate crisis. Have you thought about how the education system could do more to help you make a difference on the climate crisis? Ever felt like you weren’t given all the information, skills and resources you need to tackle climate change? By completing the Student Survey and joining the Be the Change Action Network, you’ll get the chance to share your input and amplify the call for changes you want to see to your education. By completing the survey, you will be joining hundreds of other students across the province who are sharing their voice!

Be part of province-wide change by:

  1. Completing and sharing the anonymous Student Survey. Ask your friends and classmates to do the same! The survey will gather the voices of students to inform reforms to the BC education system so that it better prepares students and teachers to grapple with climate change.
  2. Mobilizing your teachers. Teachers' voices matter too. Ask your teachers to complete the Teacher Survey and invite their classes to join you in voicing their climate education needs.
  3. Taking the Club Survey and joining our action map if you’re part of a climate, environment or social justice club. The submissions will create an accessible map of club contacts, projects and teacher champions in your school and others. Help build a school-based network across the province to facilitate collaboration, resource sharing, and collective action on climate change!
    1. Clubs can access changemaking team building resources, request mentorship and project seed funding. See For School Clubs tab for more information.

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