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Take Action April 21st - 28th

Students at Climate Action School will commit to taking small and large climate actions, and invite other peers and community to join. You too can join Climate Action Week by taking individual actions to reduce your ecological footprint. You can learn more about the actions by clicking here.

Tools to Take Individual Action - Action Guide

Be The Change has a community Action Guide that can support you in taking the necessary actions to support positive behaviour change. Click here to learn more about our Action Guide

Learn more about our programs and services

Our organization is shaped by the work we perform. Our focus on information and engagement in behaviour change has led us to develop and deliver some amazing programs to people of all ages. In the past few years, our focus has turned towards inspiring youth to become informed and take action to create a green, resilient, and just world. 

Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS)

BTCEA’s Student Leadership in Sustainability program is now in its fifth edition and over the last five years has been delivered to approximately 17,000 students by 400 teachers in roughly 90 schools across BC. With SLS’s action oriented approach, our mathematical research into our personal, household, community, and school-based actions, and evaluation and developmental evaluation BTCEA has calculated that enrolled students have taken over 100,000 actions, reducing GHG emissions by over 500 tonnes.

Click here to learn more about SLS and bring it to your school (educators).

Climate Action Champions Initiative (CAChI)

Our new Climate Action Champions Initiative (CAChI) is an action-education initiative with the goal of reducing Vancouver’s ecological footprint through education and engagement of youth. BTCEA will be supporting youth to take individual, home, school and neighbourhood climate actions and engage their families and neighbours to do the same. Through various district, school, and community activities, the CAChI program will engage youth in taking actions, track and assess climate action engagement, and educate and empower the general public.

Click here to learn more about CAChI and bring climate action programming to your school (educators).

Waste Programming

Our regional Waste Watchers initiative has engaged hundreds of students in taking zero waste actions in their homes, schools, and communities. With Waste Watchers, BTCEA successfully brought our educational model into a community setting. BTCEA engaged students through informative waste audits and helped school districts understand their students waste practices. Collaborating with multiple school districts and community centers resulted in exceptional project impact. Waste Watchers diverted 388 tonnes of organic waste from regional landfills. As a result of the program’s success, BTCEA was contracted by the City of Vancouver to deliver Zero Waste Workshops to 600 students across Vancouver.


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Donate to our organization

As a registered charitable non-profit organization, we rely on the support of our donors to continue our work. We are thankful for the generosity of various individuals in our community who have provided us with the financial resources to carry out existing programs, and to grow the organization's efforts in new areas. Over the years, this support has resulted in:


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This work cannot continue without the willingness of our community to give. We hope that you can help us continue making an impact by donating whatever you can. To donate to BTCEA, please click the button below.




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