How Education is Changing in BC

Big Ideas Shaping New Curriculum

The BC Ministry of Education recently undertook the large task of upgrading the province’s K-12 curriculum.  A multi-year collaborative effort with teachers has resulted in revisions that will ensure “students get the skills they need to succeed in our changing world.” Experts on curriculum and assessment design were consulted to ensure that teachers would be equipped with the resources they need to deliver the “big ideas” of this new curriculum framework.

Where Student Leadership in Sustainability Fits In

The new curriculum design creates an opportunity for specialized resources that align with core competencies and offer 21st-century content on big ideas. Learning is enriched through community collaboration and within an increasingly flexible teaching environment, more and more teachers are eager to bring groundbreaking materials into their classrooms. 

The number of learning outcomes has been reduced, providing more time and flexibility for students to explore sustainability and social justice topics in depth.

SLS aligns with the content in various subjects and aims to create the understanding needed to be an informed global citizen. Throughout the program, students build the BC Ministry’s core competencies. 

BTCEA recognizes the funding challenges that BC schools are currently enduring. Our Seeds of Change Campaign address the challenges and opportunities for engaging students in vital learning on critical sustainability issues.

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