Eleven Eco-Educators


Teachers have the power to engage and inspire their students to be the leaders of tomorrow. Providing teachers with the right tools to enable them to confidently and effectively deliver environmental education helps them to use their important influence to bring about societal change.  

Throughout our time developing the SLS curriculum and our other environmental programs, we have had the chance to work with an incredible range of inspirational teachers who have used the SLS teaching materials to deliver impactful lessons and motivate their students to be sustainability champions.  
Below are a collection of quotes from eco educators describing how Be The Change’s programs have helped them to bring environmental education to life. 


"Using SLS resources with Science 9 classes has been a great way to help students consider their own worldviews and actions on the topic of sustainability. The SLS online library and activities is an excellent setting to apply and reinforce First Peoples principles of place, interconnectedness and sustainability with classes while being respectful of student worldview differences...It would be an insurmountable task for me to search on my own for the kind of online readings and video links that SLS provides."

Anita McBride, Teacher, Frank Hurt Secondary 

"Were these people in my brain while creating this? If I had the time and resources this is exactly what I would have wanted to put together! It really is fantastic!”  

Sarah-Jane Granholm, CEAP Program in Qualicum

“We are astonished at how the students buy into the local activities and have had previously disengaged students make hair pomade and deodorant. Others have made the effort on their own time to go and interview farmer and local business owners. These are students who never do homework and have trouble coming to school on a regular basis."

Karen Jones, SLS Teacher Champion, Station Stretch School

“SLS is the best and most engaging resource I have come across to cover topics related to climate change by far! It is more interactive and you can do way more with it. My students loved it.”  

Graham Harkley, Teacher, Delta Secondary School

“One of the best resources I’ve used in regards to engaging students and integrating the environment”   

Greg Van Vugt, Peace & Global Education Provincial Specialist Association President (PAGE), Social Justice teacher, Fraser Heights Secondary, Surrey, BC 

“The opportunity to introduce sustainability education to the mainstream courses and engage students in understanding their personal connection to global environmental and social justice issues is both needed and valuable. SLS has been well received by both staff and students here. I believe this work has helped students connect to the school and feel part of it.” 

Dave Derpak, Principal, Killarney Secondary School 

“I am the Environment Club Sponsor and last year, our club members decided that it was time to do something about the poor waste management systems in place at our school [...] We joined the BTCEA’s Waste Watchers Initiative, which not only helped our students understand the process of evaluating systems but also empowered them to put an action plan together which has created long-term benefits at our school […] These are skills that will be useful throughout their lives and help them develop into the leaders of tomorrow. ...this was one of the most powerful experiences as an educator.”  

Jacqueline Symons, French Teacher, John Oliver Secondary School 

“Be The Change is providing the resources for what educators desire to teach and students want to learn, empowering everyone to make it happen. My students loved it.” 

Denise North, Killarney Secondary School 

“My Planning 10 students have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Be the Change: Student Leadership in Sustainability materials.  I've received an overwhelmingly positive response to how these Values have changed their views and perspective on the world around them along with reinforcing values they already have.  They see themselves as the generation that needs to take charge and make things happen.  Working through the different Values has given them a place to start.”  

Brenda Kvist, Planning 10 Teacher, Vancouver Learning Network

“We need the SLS solutions-oriented approach that engages students in positive change."

Raphael Dumais, Ecology 9, Kitsilano Secondary School

 “I have been most inspired by my conversations with individual students who have told me they were inspired and had learned something or got involved from our class activities.”  

Corrie Clutchey, Geography 12 Teacher, Windermere Secondary School 

Thank you for donating and enabling these educators to be the best they can with Be The Change's support.