Introducing SLC: Student Leadership for Change

SLS: Student Leadership in Sustainability is now SLC: Student Leadership for Change.

Why the update?

Students are eager for environmental and social change and we want to reflect that in the name of our program.

BTCEA is motivated by the rising youth voices demanding climate action NOW and the landmark IPCC report released in October 2018 highlighting we now have under 11 years to drastically reduce our carbon emissions by at least 50% to stay within the safe threshold. In response, BTCEA is updating our learning resources to reflect the increasingly urgent context of this climate crisis.

What to expect from the updated SLC: Student Leadership for Change resources:

  • A brand new Climate Justice Action Pack
  • An updated and expanded Climate Action Unit that makes direct correlation between lifestyle choices and Climate Change
  • New actions to reflect the urgent need for deep and wide-scale change, empowering youth to use their voices to demand action from our institutions and politicians