George Radner 

Executive Director

George Radner is the Executive Director at Be The Change Earth Alliance. He first joined Be The Change as the Program and Operations Coordinator in the summer of 2019. George also served as a student representative on the BTCEA Wisdom Circle. George is passionate about climate justice and has been actively volunteering with climate and environmental groups since high school. He has a BA in Economics and Mathematics from the University of British Columbia. George seeks to use the technical knowledge and skills from his degree to become a more effective advocate for the issues he cares about. George is a founding member of the student-led UBC  Climate Hub and leads their Youth Climate Ambassador Project, which trains university students to facilitate hope-inspiring climate action workshops in high schools. He first connected with Be The Change when exploring ENGOs that could help implement this project. George was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in Toronto. His favourite activities include bird watching, vegan cooking, and meditation.

Maureen Jack-LaCroix

Creative Director

Maureen is an inspiring speaker, workshop facilitator and environmental educator with over 15 years of experience delivering engaging ‘sustainability’ programs for adults in community and workplace as well as teachers and students in secondary schools. As the Founding Director of Be The Change Earth Alliance, she has activated thousands of individuals to make positive environmental behaviour change by connecting the big global issues to personal lifestyle choices. Through BTCEA Maureen developed an adult education program of symposia and action circles, wrote the Be The Change Action Guide and produced The Great Turning community engagement events. She went on to collaborate with secondary school teachers on the iterative design and development of ‘SLC: Student Leadership For Change’ EE learning resources and teacher aides. Maureen is also working with a wide variety of businesses to bolster employee engagement through sustainability programs in the workplace. Maureen was honoured as the ‘2017 Outstanding Individual in an Organization’ by EECOM, the Canadian Environmental Educators Association, nominated as the 2018 YWCA Environmental Woman of Distinction and received the Hidden Hero award from MP Joyce Murray in 2018 for her work in environmental education.

Before dedicating her life to environmental sustainability, Maureen was the CEO and Creative Director of Jack of Hearts Productions, creating the annual Slam City Jam skateboard championships, the annual Music West Festival, managing the Tears Are Not Enough Liveaid fundraising enterprise and producing several TV music specials.

Meghan Terpenning

Communications/Program Coordinator 

Meghan started at BTCEA as the Communications/Program Coordinator in May 2019. Meghan’s childhood summers at Ruckle Park on Saltspring Island started her love affair with the ocean and led to her studies in marine biology which recently culminated in her Masters of Marine Management at Dalhousie  University. Her graduate research focused mainly on stakeholder perceptions of the Nova Scotia aquaculture regulations. With a strong interest in policy and regulations, Meghan won an award from the Marine Affairs Program at Dalhousie in Marine Policy. Throughout her graduate degree, Meghan worked as a teaching assistant for a variety of environmental and sustainability courses and developed a strong interest in environmental education. Meghan is excited to bring her skills and passion for environmental education to BTCEA.                            


Claire O'Manique

Program/Communications Coordinator 

Claire joined Be the Change Earth Alliance in May 2019 as a Program/ Communications Coordinator. Claire remembers first learning about climate change in her Grade 9 Geography class and has since been passionate about working for transformative social change and climate justice. This led her to pursue a B.A in environmental governance from the University of Guelph and complete a Masters in Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. Claire’s research focus on the politics of climate change in Canada and the degrowth movement, which seeks to build a just economy for all within the biophysical limits of the planet, is a welcome asset strengthening Be The Change’s ongoing commitment to social change and socio-ecological educational programming.

Gagandeep Kaur

Administrative Intern

Gagandeep has been an Administrative Assistant at Be the Change Earth Alliance since January 2019. Gagandeep is responsible for assisting with key revisions and development of our Student Leadership in Sustainability program, providing program support and assisting with assessments and evaluations of ongoing programs.

Gagandeep is completing North American Business Management Applied Post Baccalaureate Diploma at Capilano University. Gagandeep has a science background with a Master's Degree in Physics, and a Bachelor's of Education with one year of teaching experience.

Salomé Sané

Volunteer Facilitator and French translator

Salomé has been a volunteer for BTCEA since September 2018 while working towards her degree at the University of British Columbia in the geography Honours program and in international relations. She has initially worked as an assistant workshop facilitator, BTCEA representative at teacher conferences and French translator for the SLS program and has been very enthusiastic and dedicated to help the team in any task at hand. As a former summer camp counselor, Salomé was thrilled to be in contact with such inspiring middle and high school students and seeing them take an active role in climate change adaptation and mitigation within their community. Working alongside passionate and dedicated people, she has also learned a lot about environmental education, the intersection of climate change and environmental justice and she eventually helped with website updates, workshop development and French translation for French-immersion schools within the province.

Erin Leckie

Consultant and Facilitator

Erin started full-time with BTCEA from June 2011, first as Program Manager, and then stepped into the Executive Director role from June 2016 until March 2019. Erin is now in a consultant and facilitator role for the organization, giving space for new leadership and energy to infuse this amazing organization.

An experienced and well-traveled outdoor and environmental educator and guide, Erin’s passion for environmental sustainability and social justice led her to join Be The Change in the collaborative creation of the groundbreaking new sustainability curriculum for high school students in 2011. She has Diplomas in Wilderness Leadership, Adventure Guiding, Holistic Bodywork, and a degree in Adventure Tourism Management, along with a variety of other courses and programs, many focused on leadership development and immersing herself in indigenous ways of being and allyship. Erin has sought out opportunities to be involved in building up others’ leadership capacities and fostering a shift in societal norms through community initiatives since she was young.

Since Erin joined BTCEA, she managed and co-created BTCEA’s Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLC) program, along with facilitated SLC workshops and teacher professional development, Awaken & Change Symposiums, and fostered the human resources at BTCEA. As Executive Director, she enjoyed pushing her creative capacity to support environmental and social justice education in emergent ways through new programs and approaches. She led the creation and implementation of Waste Watchers, Climate Action Champions, and Citizen's of the Future youth programs, with a soft spot for building youth's leadership capacity.

Summer 2019 Interns 

Cynthia Wu

Cynthia joined the Be The Change Earth Alliance team as an intern in May 2019. She is eco-friendly oriented and encourages her friends and family to adopt environmentally-conscious practices in their daily lives. Cynthia is currently studying Sociology and International Relations at the University of British Columbia and she enjoys biking and watching movies in her spare time. She is excited to be part of BTCEA and is eager to empower local youth communities with sustainability knowledge and social justice. 


Anita Lin

Anita is a Summer Intern at Be The Change Earth Alliance, who focuses mainly on the action packs in the SLS program. She is currently an undergraduate student at University of British Columbia, studying sociology. Anita is passionate about issues regarding gender justice and racial inequality, as well as children group with mental/physical illnesses, and have been volunteering and interning at various NGOs since high school. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English, and she hopes to use the knowledge she obtained from her school degree and personal experiences, to raise awareness in the racial minority population resided within Vancouver, particularly among the Chinese population, regarding environmental and gender justice issues.


Isobel Thiele

Isobel joined the Be The Change Earth Alliance team as an intern in May 2019. Isobel recently graduated from UBC’s geography program where she spent five wonderful years developing an honest and wholehearted passion for all facets of our invaluable planet, including its necessary call for an improvement in sustainability, conservation, and of all being’s livelihoods. Her zeal for the world was sparked when she was eight years old during a trip with her family to the chocolate factories of Switzerland. Since then, Isobel has lived in a Monk’s treehouse in the hills of Northern Thailand, volunteered on a chicken farm in Australia, worked as a nanny in Paris, spent a summer picking grapes on a vineyard in Greece, spent a semester learning history in Germany, and conducted research in Indonesia on their waste mitigation policies- all of which has aided in her understanding, appreciation, and love of the world and all its inhabitants.


Tiffany Au

Tiffany joined the Be The Change Earth Alliance team as an intern in May 2019. Having learned about the earth and environment in high school geography, Tiffany grew her interest in the environment around her. Growing up in Hong Kong, Tiffany has always found that air pollution is a serious problem and the environment condition strongly affects people’s living standards. It triggered her to learn how societies and the environments affect one another, and she chose to pursue her studies in Geography with a concentration in Environment and Sustainability and a minor in Commerce at UBC. She is also a transfer student and has earned an Associate of Arts degree in Seattle, Washington. During her time in school, Tiffany has volunteered for various environmentally-related events, such as the wildlife and water quality monitoring project, and has produced a video to encourage sustainable practices for the Ministry of Citizen’s Services. In the future, Tiffany hopes to work in the field of environmental planning or education with all the diverse skills she has acquired and help to enhance the sustainability of the environment.


Anjali Mishra

Anjali joined Be The Change Earth Alliance as an intern in May 2019. Thanks to a transformational high school social studies course, she developed a deep interest in global cooperation and sustainability, shaping her decision to study International Relations at the University of British Columbia. Her approach to sustainability has been thoroughly shaped by her engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a framework she has observed having great potential in advancing a more sustainable world. As co-author of the Good Practice in 2030 Agenda Implementation Series, funded and used by Canada’s SDG Unit, she is proud to be shaping national policy on the SDGs, but very much enjoys working on how sustainability can be advanced in our own lives and communities. She cares about ethical trade, compassion, balanced lives, and the arts. She is a speaker, performer, and someone always ready to break out into dance, who lives knowing joy is not a finite resource.