The Power of Circles

Teleseminar Series & Facilitation Training

In these deeply troubling times, we all want to affect real change. But we often wonder, “How can I possibly make a difference?” Say no more! We can lead and inspire change, empower ourselves to live in alignment with our values, and provide hope for others. Now is the time to close the gap between what we want to do and what we end up doing!

A powerful technology of change exists to turn vision into action: Be The Change Action Circles. They can help you transform your life from within and create a conscious community of practice.

You can learn how to convene and facilitate Action Circles through the Action Guide, sure, but in the spirit of the circle process, we want to support you. This is why, in February 2012, we launched the first “Power of Circles” teleseminar series. Drawing on the combined wisdom of such renowned guests as Joanna Macy, Vicki Robin, Juanita Brown, Christina Baldwin, and Julia Butterfly Hill, co-hosts Maureen Jack-LaCroix and Cathryn Lecorre lead hundreds of change agents from all over the globe through an 8-session facilitation training curriculum.

What makes the Power of Circles format truly unique, however, is that it is far more than just a home-based facilitation workshop – it is also an opportunity to connect and share with like-minded individuals from all over the world. Each call is interspersed with periods of small group dialogue in which participants form breakout sessions to share insights on the material, pledge sustainable lifestyle actions, and report on actions and initiatives taken in the intermittent weeks.

The following is just a brief sampling of what participants learned – and can expect to learn – from The Power of Circles:

  • Key circle concepts to help create a safe space for all participants
  • Heart-based processes to deepen relational connection
  • Reflective listening techniques to facilitate dialogue
  • Processes to help leverage peer accountability as a supportive tool
  • Rotating storytelling to include everyone and manage time effectively 
  • Using the Action Guide as an all-encompassing curriculum for lifestyle exploration
  • Best practices and heartfelt advice from participating facilitators
  • Supplementing individual lifestyle choices with community project development
  • Various communication and dialogue techniques

We are currently working on making The Power of Circles available as an audio CD or digital recording, and we will assuredly be producing many similar programs and events in the future – please stay tuned to our Community Movement page or subscribe to our electronic newsletter to keep informed of all the latest developments!