Professional Development Workshops

Be the Change Earth Alliance offers fun, interactive professional development workshops where participants will explore new and exciting pedagogical and curricular tools that will engage students in inquiry-based sustainability education such as Climate Change while addressing Core Competencies, Big Ideas, and Curricular Competencies and Content. If you’re interested in learning more about these tools – used throughout the Student Leadership for Change program – we encourage you to attend one of our workshops.

These workshops will outline various Be the Change offerings including Student Leadership for Change (SLC) curriculum resources, Climate Action workshops and assemblies, as well as other tools and leadership opportunities for teachers and students.

Our SLC curriculum materials are turn-key resources that make it easy for teachers to meet the new Ministry guidelines while covering a big diversity of ever-evolving sustainability centered topics. SLC materials are cross-curricular and examine a variety of themes such as Climate Systems, Conscious Consumption, Health, Connection, and Conservation. These resources enable student inquiry into global sustainability issues and have been used in a wide range of courses including Science, Social Studies, Geography, Foods, Family, Leadership, Planning, Social Justice, and English. These resources would also be perfect for some of the new courses including Environmental Science and Urban Studies.

During the workshop, we will also take a look at tools and strategies that you can use to teach sustainability topics, including climate change, while keeping students engaged, motivated, and empowered to make a difference. At Be the Change we know it can be challenging to teach around topics such as sustainability which are always evolving, and we also know it can be tricky not to overwhelm students with “scary” issues or simply repeat information they have already heard—that’s why we focus on supporting and empowering both students and teachers as they connect, understand, and respond to the environmental and social challenges facing our planet.

Participants in select districts will also have the opportunity to sign up to have BTCEA facilitators come into your classrooms and schools for “Climate Action” workshops and assemblies, as they are available.


Upcoming Workshops

Open to All - Professional Development: Feb 14, 2020, Metro Vancouver

Feb 14th, 9:00am – 12:00pm @ VSB Education Centre (1580 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC) - Room 180

Authentic Learning for Global Sustainability

This experiential workshop, facilitated by Maureen Jack-LaCroix (founder of BTCEA and Eco-Education PhD candidate), will invite teachers into a deeper exploration of climate change, systems change and the ‘eco-anxiety’ pervasive in society today. Youth are particularly vulnerable to feelings of existential despair and helplessness. Teachers will participate in processes designed by Dr. Joanna Macy to explore their own planetary grief in order to strengthen their professional capacity to ‘hospice’ what is falling away and ‘midwife’ what is co-arising in this era of great change. Workshop participants will also explore innovative pedagogical approaches, resources, and classroom activities that offer holistic environmental and climate justice learning with an inquiry approach that fosters critical thinking skills and personal empowerment. Graciously hosted by the VSB, this workshop is open to educators from all districts.

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Tapestry Conference: Feb 14, 2020. Victoria, Saanich, Sooke

Feb 14th, 1:00pm – 2:30pm @ Esquimalt Secondary School (847 Colville Road, Victoria, BC)

No Time Like Now: Authentic Learning towards Climate Justice

Claire O’Manique will facilitate this Be The Change interactive workshop at Tapestry Conference 2020 in Victoria. Participants will explore how the Student Leadership for Change (SLC) learning resources advance the First People’s Principles of Learning and connect larger societal issues, such as climate justice, with individual actions and local activities to empower students. This workshop will also create space for participants to express both their concerns and successes with bringing climate justice education into the classroom, and will outline different pedagogical approaches to support bringing a holistic approach to climate justice learning.

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LEAPING INTO ACTION: Cross Border Social Justice Conference Noon – 7:30 pm, Surrey

Saturday, Feb 29th, 2:00  – 4:30 pm @ Kwantlen Park Secondary (10441 132 St., Surrey, BC) – Room TBA

No Time Like Now: Authentic Learning for Climate Justice

In this Climate Justice ProD workshop participants will explore BTCEA’s Student Leadership for Change (SLC) inquiry-based learning resources. SLC flips the classroom to support students in developing critical thinking skills and a sense of agency while learning about climate justice and global sustainability issues. Teacher participants will have space to share their concerns with bringing climate justice education into the classroom. The workshop will outline different pedagogical approaches to support educators in offering holistic climate justice learning that does not overwhelm students but rather empowers them to recognize their agency as change makers. All participants will have open access to the SLC suite of resources, and explore the flexible ways they can be brought into the classroom

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CHALLENGE & CHANGE: BC Alternative Education Conference:  Feb 12,13,14, 2020, Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

Thursday, February 13, 1:00 – 3:30 pm @ 1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC

Authentic Learning for Global Sustainability

Be the Change Earth Alliance will guide Alternative Educators to explore pedagogical approaches and ‘open-access’ learning resources that help students develop critical thinking and creatively engage in global sustainability issues. Educators will share how they are addressing Core Competencies, Big Ideas, and Curricular Content relating to global sustainability and explore various ways to use Student Leadership in Change (SLC) materials to help students connect and respond to the environmental and social challenges we face.

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