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BTCEA believes important role educators’ play in the shaping our future behaviours towards sustainability and social responsibility cannot be understated. We recognize that and want to do our part in supporting that large but exciting opportunity. We are pleased to offer the following programs and services for educators. Below you will find information on our two current main programs, and then specific information sorted out into categories based on what grades you teach and your district.  

Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS)

The SLS resources have been Be The Change’s cornerstone sustainability iterative education offering for the past seven years, supporting teachers from grade 5-12 that are teaching a wide variety of topics and supporting student-led projects on topics such as food security, transportation, water conservation, community connections, poverty, gender issues and much more. 

SLS is offered online in three versions: Blended (in-class English), Distance/Distributed Learning, and French Immersion.

SLS SIGN UP - You can sign up for a $100 teacher membership, $200 school membership, or our 2017 special of $300 school membership with a Virtual or In-person Pro-D workshop (as available). These heavily subsided high-value offerings are for access to all SLS resources online for the 2017-18 school year. These low prices reflect our desire to support these timely important subjects and competencies being explored in diverse classrooms across BC!

SLS NOTE for Grade K- 4 Teachers- While the SLS materials are designed for grade 6-12 use, with adaptation, SLS can be a great reference, particularly using the resources provided in our lesson plans, such as our sustainability bingos and thermometer activities. Additionally, we provide Pro-D workshops that ground educators in pedagogies that are applied to all grades. Sometimes a younger grade teacher will bring SLS to their school, having the grade 6/7 teachers deliver more of the curriculum and other teachers use various parts of it in their classrooms.

Click here to sign up for SLS now or learn more about SLS and the various topics here

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2018 Climate Action Champions (CAChI)

The Climate Action Champions Initiative (CAChI) is a new and exciting regional initiative that informs youth about climate change, engages them in local and global issues and solutions, empowers them to take action and agency, and invests in their leadership potential. The Initiative aims to inform and engage approximately 20,000 students across Metro Vancouver while activating and mentoring select youth leaders who show interest and potential in becoming champions for climate action within their schools, households, and communities. CAChI is comprised of engaging in-class workshops or teacher curriculum, empowering assemblies, student or teacher facilitator training, a Climate Action Week in April, and use of an online action portal to support student and community actions. 

Some CAChI activities will be available to all SLS schools, such as our Climate Action poster contest and initiation to participate in Climate Action Week April 22nd-29th using our Climate Action online portal to inspire and track action! 

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We are able to provide different levels of CAChI Activities for various grades and Districts. 

Teachers within Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and Delta teaching Grade 5-12 CAChI SIGN UP - We are signing up a limited number Climate Action Schools in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and Delta now that will providing more hands-on CAChI Activities. Once these spots are full we’ll be charging a nominal fee for additional schools. If this initiative sounds enticing to you than click below to apply to be a Climate Action School! 

Teachers outside Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and Delta teaching Grade 5-12 - CAChI OFFERING - For schools outside Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and Delta, we will be working with a few schools to provide more comprehensive CAChI support for a nominal fee. With Districts that are a bit further from where we are based in Vancouver, we’ll need to be creative in how best to support you! Let's chat about this :). 

We are also open to chatting with District level Administrators to bring CAChI Activities to your District! 


Click here to learn more, let us know if you are interested, or apply to be a Climate Action School starting in January 2018.