Seven Impactful Actions

Seven?! We can do better than that. 

Be The Change has always supported individuals in challenging themselves to take informed action in their lives. Over the years, this work has evolved in different forms through various programs. Below is the link to our new Action Portal designed for our Climate Action Champions Initiative (CAChI), which contains over 50 predominantly measurable actions, that you can easily take to reduce your ecological footprint, divided into four action categories.


Behaviour Change is an integral part of the various models that we use to support larger System Change.

Some of our earliest work, with our “BE THE CHANGE ACTION GUIDEand Action Circle Technology, was created to empower individuals to adopt the conscious practice of daily choice, and connect with others in a community practice on our journey of bringing culture change into our communities. Our recent work in this area includes the development of 40 student inquiry packages as part our Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS) program. HERE is an example of how a range of actions are nestled into one of our 40 SLS ’Action Packs’, built to bring action and accountability in the classroom. 


It can be something as simple as stopping the use of single-use disposables, reducing car use, conserving energy, reconnecting with your natural environment, or supporting local food production. You can decide how you want to be the change.  

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