SLC Goals

Please read over the following goals and keep them in mind as you complete your Action Pack.

When you finish this, you can do a SELF EVALUATION to measure how much you have gained in each area below.

inquiry.png           Inquiry:
I can work with others to take a hands-on, minds-on, research- based approach to developing my knowledge and considering solutions to sustainability problems.
thinking.png           Creative/Critical Thinking:
I can learn a lot about something, consider different points of view, and generate new ideas that will influence how I think and act in the future.
communication.png           Communication:
I can talk with others about my area of interest, consider their points of view, use digital media to gain knowledge, and deliver an interesting presentation on my topic.
personal-social.png           Personal & Social Responsibility:
I know what my own values are and they help me make wise choices for the health and well being of myself, my community and my world.