SLC Module - Health

I value vibrant health for my self, my family, my community and my planet.

Medical science and technology are performing miracles in the operating room, and for this we can be grateful. But environmental toxicants, fast-paced and stressful lifestyles, as well as the altered foods we consume, are breaking down our bodies’ immune systems and creating disease. Rates of cancer are rapidly escalating, along with many other issues like infertility and obesity.

It is more crucial now than ever before to value a healthy body and mind, both of which are not separate from a healthy world. We create endless benefits for ourselves and others when we choose to make that investment of time, awareness and energy. Healthy food choices and regular exercise can save thousands of dollars in medical bills later in life or even next year – not to mention increasing our happiness, productivity, self-confidence, and ability to handle stress.

By taking action to limit our exposure to toxins and reduce stress, we are investing in our quality and longevity of life. Naturally enough, taking care of our own health and well-being also creates health and well-being for the planet.

HEALTH Student Action Packs:

  1. Food Additives
  2. GMOs
  3. Organics
  4. Fresh and Local           
  5. The Story of Meat
  6. Toxicants
  7. Plastics
  8. Active Transportation