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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – What are preservatives? Link 1 (4:52) L1             

CAN – What are food additives? Link 2 L1             


Q3.2 INT – How do certain preservatives impact our health? Link 3 L2 

INT-US – Find out what food additives are best to avoid: Link 4 L1 

INT – Here's a full list of additives and their health effects, click on the preservatives you're interested in to find out more! Link 5 L1 


Q3.3 INT – Here are some tips for avoiding harmful food additives: Link 6 L2


Q3.4 INT-US – What we don’t know won’t hurt us… or will it? This video highlights the issues prevalent in the food industry and how they affect our health: Link 7 (6:23) L1 

 CAN – This Article from McCord Museum discusses the changes in the Production and Distribution of Food through the industrial revolution: Link 8 


Q3.5 CAN  Take a look at these alternative food preservation techniques: Link 9 L1

INT – Here is a look at some of the traditional and indigenous ways of preserving food from the Think.Eat.Save Campaign: Link 10 L1 


Helpful Optional Links

INT  Did you know…? Source: Link 11 L1

INT  And another list of preservatives to avoid. Link 12 L1  

INT – Avoid preservatives and DIY by making food without the extra additives and making your own yogurt: Link 13 L1

INT – A fun note to end on: Link 14 (1:36) L1


Stakeholder Links

INT – From the Think.Eat.Save Campaign, here's a look at some of the traditional and indigenous ways of preserving food: Stakeholder 1 L1


Current Events

INT- US-2017 April 6th-Westword- Chipotle takes the final step of going preservative free by making its tortillas completely preservative free: Event 1

INT-US – 2016 April 16th - Indianapolis Business Journal  “Troubled food-additives maker ending local operations” The company "Sensient Flavors" has had ongoing litigation with federal health authorities over health concerns on their food additive diacetyl that makes food taste buttery and is now closing local production in Indianapolis: Event 2

CAN – 2015 June 12th - The Toronto Star  “Canada Health to Re-Examine Every Facet of Canada’s Food Guide” Review of Canada’s food guide and the science behind it to further investigate issues of obesity and other chronic illnesses: Event 3

CAN – 2015 May 28th - CBC News  “Fast-food diners fuel additive-free revolution” Based on changing consumer demand major fast food retailers are marketing “healthier” or “additive free” options: Event 4 

INT-US – 2015 May 28th - Aljazeera America  “Big Food’s No-additives Push is Misdirection” A nutritionist weighs in on menu changes made by fast food retailers now marketing “healthier” or “additive free” options: Event 5

INT – 2015 April 4th - Wired  “Are Food Additives Evil? We Have an Almost-Civil Debate” This debate emphasizes the importance of educating yourself about the food you eat. Explore the “food” vs. “science” debate: Event 6

INT-US – 2015 April 23rd - Centre for Research of Globalization  “FDA Database: 93% of Food Additives Aren’t Properly Studied” Exploring the lack of comprehensive and long term studies for the most common food additives: Event 7 

INT – 2015 February 25th - Livescience  “Food Additives Linked to Weight Gain, Inflammation” This article summarizes a study that linked the additives used in many processed foods to weight gain in lab mice: Event 8

Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

Dans la plupart des aliments transformés, il existe certains additifs alimentaires qui ne sont pas bons pour la santé. Dans ce lien, tu découvriras dix additifs alimentaires communs qui sont néfastes pour la santé et les raisons pour lesquelles tu devrais les éviter. Lien 1


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