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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT-US – What functions do genetically engineered foods have? Link 1 L1


Q3.2 INT – Here are the 10 most common GMO/GE foods: Link 2 L1


Q3.3 INT – Indian scientist and environmentalist Vandana Shiva addresses the recent U.S. Supreme Court case between an Indiana farmer against Monsanto, the world's largest seed company: Link 3 (3:56) L1

INT-US – Read more about Monsanto's relationship with family farms: Link 4 L2


Q3.4 INT – Reflect on what these two videos tell us about the science and effects of GMOs: here’s a video on genetic engineering by Greenpeace: Link 5 (3:51) L1 and a video by SciShow: Link 6(11:25) L1 

INT-US – Is the movement to label GMOs anti-science? Link 7 L2

INT – What are the controversies associated with GMOs? Link 8 L1


Q3.5 INT  Explore what benefits GMOs can have on crop production around the world: Link 9 L1

INT-US – Find out what the difference is between genetic engineering and natural breeding methods: Link 10 L2


Local Activity Links

INT – Look at these links to find common GMOs and their derivatives: Link 11 L2 and Link 12  L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT – Read this document from Food and Water Watch that outlines some controversial GMO perceptions: Link 13 L2

INT-US – To take a look at the other side of the argument, check out Monsanto, the world’s leading producer of GM seed: Link 14 L1

INT-US – Here’s a Monsanto TV advertisement: Link 15 (2:59) L1

INT-US – Can we avoid GM foods? If GM foods were labelled then it would be easier. Let’s look deeper into this issue: Link 16 L1

INT – Celebrities standing up for labeling change: Link 17 L2

INT – Here are two different non-GMO shopping guides you can rely on to identify whether GMOs are labelled or not: Link 18 L1 and Link 19 L1 (check out page 15 for a list of invisible GMO ingredients – these may help you choose a GMO food for your project) 

INT – This article provides an example of how local farmers in India are getting high yields without using GMO seeds: Link 20 L2

CAN/US – Are people protesting against GMOs?  Link 21 L1

INT – Some are also poking fun at the GMO industry, here is an example song: Link 22 (1:46) L1

INT-US – Documentary “The Future of Food” offers an in-depth investigation of the existence and current management of GMOs. Here is the introduction to the movie (if you're interested, we suggest you watch the whole thing): Link 23 (9:49) L2


Stakeholder Links

INT – The challenge in maintaining the ways of traditional indigenous livelihoods: Indigenous Women Address Food Sovereignty: Stakeholder 1 L2


Current Events

INT - 2017 - Center for Food Safety- As more of our food contain genetically engineered food products, it is important to understand the six potential human health concerns genetically engineered foods have on our healthL Event 1

INT-US – 2016 February 22nd - Mother Nature Network  “Anti-GMO labeling act makes its way to Senate” The DARK act is aimed at making it illegal for states to require GMO labeling, but it has been met with opposition from organizations and companies such as “Just Label It” and Campbells: Event 2

INT-US – 2016 May 18th - "Labels on Genetically Engineered Food Coming Soon: Vermont labeling law prompts change in the food industry" Consumer Reports discusses a new Vermont GMO labeling law and its impacts on labelling across the USA, looking at opinions in favour of and against labeling laws for GMOs: Event 3 

CAN – 2015 May 23rd - CTV News  “Anti-GMO Protesters Rally against Monsanto” The March against Monsanto was a national event encouraging individuals, communities and organizations to speak out against the manufacturing of GMO seeds for sale in Canada: Event 4

CAN – 2015 May 19th - CBC News  “GMO debate shows big opinion gap between scientists, public over safety” One of the main questions about GMOs is whether they are considered “safe” for human consumption, this article explores this debate: Event 5

Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

Les OGM sont présents dans beaucoup de notre alimentation. Ils sèment aussi la controverse: certains organisations, comme Monsanto, sont pour et d'autres, comme Greenpeace, sont contre. Ce lien et la vidéo te permettront d'apprendre davantage sur les OGM pour que tu puisses avoir une opinion informée sur le sujet.  Soit conscient que les sujets si controverse sont très biaisés. Lien 1 et Lien 2


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