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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – Why do we import global foods into our country if we can grow the things we eat locally? Link 1 L1


Q3.2 INT – Can we grow our own food even when we live in large cities and don’t have access to a yard? Here is one way to grow food in bottles: Link 2 (7:53) L1

INT-US – Urban Agriculture in New York – amazing closed system growing; sustainable growing: Link 3 (3:28) L1 and innovative urban gardening: Link 4 (8:32) L1

INT-US – Here is a website with a few facts about the benefits of eating fresh: Link 5 L1 


Q3.3 INT  –  What is food security and how is it measured? Link 6 L1

CAN – How can we increase food security? Link 7 L2


Q3.4 INT – It’s not always easy to eat local... is there a sustainable way to eat foods that are produced globally? These links explore fair trade vs. local: Link 8 L1 

INT – Here is a visual aid: Link 9 L1


Q3.5 INT – What are the problems with monocultures and what can we do about it? Link 10 L1

INT – This video explains monoculture and some of its pros and cons: Link 11 (5:55) L1


Helpful Optional Links

CAN –Why go for local food? Field to Fork takes on the question in this short informative video. Link 12 (2:46) L1

BC –You can also find facts on why we would eat local on this site: Link 13 L1

BC – This school is choosing to go local and fresh for very good reasons: Link 14 (2:26) L1

BC – What are food miles? Link 15 L2

INT – And more reasons why eating fresh local foods are good for you and the planet: Link 16 L1

INT – Are you a locavore or a globavore?  Link 17  L1

CAN-US – Find local food providers near you! Link 18 L1

CAN-BC – Nelson School going big to grow their own food: Link 19 L1

INT-US – How growing your own vegetables can help you save money: Link 20 (2:43) L1

INT-US – A new pilot program aimed at encouraging states to purchase locally-sourced food will bring more fresh produce to school meals across eight states: Link 21 L1

INT-US – Creating justice through food - an example of Food Security: Link 22 (5:43) L1; and check out how they are putting this info into action globally: Link 23 L1

INT – Eating local here right now is a luxury, in other cities it has become a necessity. Let’s look at another social justice angle of growing your own food: Link 24 (4:06) L2

CAN – What’s a two block diet? Find out more here: Link 24 L1


Stakeholder Links

CAN – Northern Indigenous Communities and Food Insecurity: a complex issue in need of addressing. Stakeholder 1 L1


Current Events

INT- US -2017 April 24th- Daily Hampshire Gazette- Jorge Sosa became hugely successful when he decided to only sell homemade corn tortillas, allowing a local business to bloom incorporating local corn farmers, restaurants and consumers. Event 1

CAN - 2017 April 18th - A Cision Company- The Greenbelt Fund has announced 24 local food projects that increase access to local food across Ontario, as well as increasing consumer awarness and generating demand for local food products across the province. Event 2

CAN – 2015 July 9th - The Torontoist  “Pilot Project Could Turn Hydro Corridors Into Urban Farms” With a shortage of space to grow food in the city, the Toronto Urban Growers are proposing a partnership project with Hydro One to grow food in hydro corridors: Event 3

CAN – 2015 June 18th - Ipsos NA “Do you want to know what’s in your food? Canadians want more transparency” A poll indicates that Canadian are concerned about where their food is coming from and responding to this by buying more locally: Event 4

CAN – 2015  May 29th - The Toronto Star  “Many shoppers would pay 30% more for local food” Demand is increasing for local food, which is demonstrating that most people are comfortable paying more for local: Event 5 

BC – 2015 May 29th - Vancouver Courier  “The Eastender: Down on the Van Tech Schoolyard Farm” A non-profit organization, students and enthusiastic teachers team up to start the first working school yard farm in Canada, right here in Vancouver: Event 6 

CAN – 2015 February 20th - Historica Canada  “Local Food Movement” The history, economics critiques and policy related to local food described in detail, written by popular local food writer Sarah Elton: Event 7

BC – 2014 October 8th - The Globe and Mail  “Without national strategy, local food producers struggle to stem Canada’s growing hunger problem” Increased interest in local food and food security is causing farmers, researchers and citizens to ask our leaders for a national food policy to ensure the production of healthy food and the protection of the environment: Event 8

BC – 2013 June 13th - The Tyee  “Has ‘Local’ Food Gone Too Far?” The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has defined “local food” as food produced in BC of 50 km outside of the provincial boarder, this has not been well received by those who are working to promote local food within their communities: Event 9

Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

Depuis quelques années, les fermes, les marchés, et même les magasins d'alimentation à grande surface font la promotion d'acheter des aliments frais, saisonniers et locaux. Dans ce lien, tu vas apprendre des avantages à consommer local et si c'est possible de le faire. Lien 1


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