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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT-US – How has meat consumption changed over the last decade and why? Find out here! Link 1 L1 

INT-US – Just how much meat does the average person eat per year? And the average American?  Link 2 L1 


Q3.2 INT – Factory farms have taken over our food production. Is it beneficial to our society? Link 3 L2

INT – Explore more perspectives on factory farms: Link 4 L1


Q3.3 INT – Check out how you can directly control the way your food is treated: Link 5 L1

INT – Ever thought of going vegan? It’s easier than ever! Link 6 L1

INT – Adele Douglas founded the Certified Humane organization, a certification program available to Canadian consumers! Link 7 (2:31) L1

INT – What is sustainable farming? Link 8 L2


Q3.4 INT-US – The documentary Cowspiracy does an excellent job at uncovering the impact raising livestock has on our environment. Check it out: Link 9 (2:27) L1 

INT – Here’s a handy infographic showing the carbon footprint of different foods: Link 10 L1


Q3.5 INT – What is halal food and where does it come from? Link 11 L1

INT – Check out what kosher means and what cultural group adopts kosher food: Link 12 L1

INT – Indigenous societies place a different value on their relationships animals than a variety of Western cultures. The first 4 paragraphs offer you the information you need! Link 13 L2


Local Activity Links 

These links will be needed to complete your Local Activity.

INT – Learn how to plan a balanced meat-free meal! Link 14 L1

INT – Does the absence of meat really limit food choices? Check out this list of delicious meat-free meals that you can prepare at home: Link 15 L1

INT – Find out what a healthy meal contains: Link 16 L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT  Did you know…? source: Link 17 L1

INT-US – Here is a thoughtful meat industry “infomercial”: Link 18 (2:04) L1

INT-US – Let’s keep things interesting by hearing from people with different viewpoints. Check out the following interview for an interesting take on the vegetarian debate: Link 19 (6:34) L2

INT-US – And here’s a meat eater’s guide to the environmental impact of meat: Link 20 L1

INT-US – So what can you eat instead of meat? Here is a list of protein alternatives to meat: Link 21 L1

INT-US – If we choose to be vegetarian or eat less meat, we still have to be aware of what we are consuming, sometimes the meat-alternatives we are choosing can be damaging in different ways as well. Let’s look at soy: Link 22 L1 

INT – This article explores the impact of dairy milk vs. soy milk: Link 23 L2

CAN –Time to get started on being creative with your diet! For some wonderful vegetarian recipes, check out: Link 24  L1 

INT  An artistic glimpse into disturbing large scale meat and dairy production.**Note: this video contains disturbing material, watch at your own discretion: Link 25 (6:02) L1


Current Events

CAN  2018 July 6 - Financial Post "It really is time to kick Canada's $2.6-billion dairy habit" Family Dairy farms are being hindered by corporations' supply management and price fixing. Event 1

CAN  2018 June 27 - National Post " Farmers fear losses if antibiotic access cut off as drug resistance poses threat" Canadian Farms face threats against the use of antibiotics as drug resistance rises in the population. Event 2

INT- 2017 April - Alternet - Read this book excerpt to understand what it is like to live a reductionist lifestyle - those committed to eating less meat. Event 3

CAN – 2016 March 2nd The Progress  “Dairy industry reacts to animal abuse charges against massive Chilliwack dairy farm” Read what dairy industry representatives are saying after the video release of cows being tortured in a Chilliwack farm caused 20 counts of animal cruelty to be laid against the company responsible and the employees: Event 4

CAN – 2015 June 1st - CBC News  “Want Eggs? Rent the Chicken” A farmer in PEI is offering people a chicken to rent for the summer complete wih a coop and a promise to take them back when the weather gets cold! Event 5

CAN – 2015 May 28th - The Pig Site  “Canada Supports Safe Transportation of Livestock and Poultry” The Canadian Animal Health Coalition (CAHC) has created a new driver training system for livestock transporters and handlers: Event 6

CAN – 2015 April 4th - Toronto Sun  “Canada expands poultry ban after more avian flu cases in U.S.” The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has put restrictions on poultry products crossing the border from the US after new cases of avian flu confirmed in Montana and South Dakota: Event 7

CAN – 2015 March 23rd - Kootaney Food  “Passmore Pluckers: Providing a Certified Organic Abattoir Service to the West Kootenays” Since 2011 a mobile poultry abattoir has been offering services to organic and non-organic farmers in the West Kootenay region: Event 8

INT-US – 2015 May 22nd The New York Times  “Walmart Pushes for Improved Animal Welfare” Largest grocery retailer in the US has asked producers to adopt more humane animal welfare practices and to provide yearly reporting on their use of antibiotics: Event 9

INT-US  2014 July 24th - Bloomberg  “The Next Big Thing in Farm-to-Table? Mobile Slaughterhouses” Mobile slaughterhouses bring much needed services and skills to small scale local farmers in different regions, this is helping to restore a link in the food chain that has been lost in many places: Event 10


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

Certaines personnes ont décidé de devenir végétariens ou de limiter leur consommation de viande pour des raisons environnementales ou de santés. Ce lien te donnera de bonnes raisons  pour manger moins de viande. Lien 1


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