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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 CAN – What is a throw-away society? Link 1 L1

INT – Learn about some of the impacts and solutions to single use plastics: Link 2 L1

INT – Learn about how throw-away culture impacts our oceans: Link 3 L1


Q3.2 CAN-BC – Find out exactly what you can recycle in BC: Link 4 L1

CAN – Unsure as to what to recycle? Check out the things you didn’t know you could recycle! Link 5 L1

INT – Things you should recycle that you probably just throw out: Link 6 L1


Q3.3 INT – What makes a paper cup so difficult to recycle and is anyone working to fix this problem? Link 7 L1 and Link 8 L1

CAN – CBC’s report on Starbucks and Tim Horton’s recycling practices: Link 9 (10:51) L1 and its follow-up 3 months later: Link 10 L1


Q3.4 CAN – A zero-waste market to open in Vancouver! Link 11 L1

CAN – The “Straws Suck” campaign making significant change in Tofino, BC: Link 12 L1

CAN – Check out Lupii Café, a zero-waste café right in our neighbourhood! Link 13 L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT – Did you know…? source: Link 14 L1

INT – Is a reusable mug really better for the environment than a disposable one? What kind of reusable mug is best? Hear what Paulo, a Sustainability Engineer, has to say about that: Link 15 L2

INT – Let’s go a step further and replace the disposables all together! Link 16 L1

INT – Feel inspired to do more? Try to influence coffee shops to switch to compostable cups (remember this is still waste that requires the use of resources, but is a better alternative to putting plastics into the ground): Link 17 (0:45) L2

CAN – This Vancouver couple took on a competition to see who could create less waste over a year. Both ended up with less than a box. No disposables OR buying new items for them! Link 18 L1


Current Events

CAN- 2018 March 21 - CBC News “Starbucks warms up to cup-waste challenge as Calgary girls' petition percolates” Two Calgary students have met with the CEO of Starbucks after an online petition they spearheaded to push the coffee giant to deal with cup waste attracted more than 300,000 signatures. Event 1

INT- 2017 March 29th-Slate- Due to our high rate of consumption and disposables, humans are creating a new geological layer of technofossils. Event 2

INT-US -2016 June 29th -Time – Read up on an upcoming ban for commonly used foam products such as food packaging in San FranciscoL1 Event 3

INT – 2015 May 26th - The Guardian  “Metro Vancouver Urging Residents to Stop Flushing Disposable Wipes” Metro Vancouver residents are flushing one time use disposable wipes causing sewer clogs across the region that can lead to water quality and contamination issues: Event 4

INT – 2015 May 15th - Solid Waste & Recycling  “The World’s Most Wasteful Megacity” This article profiles New York City at the most wasteful megacity in the world and asks how to address sustainability in the world’s largest cities: Event 5

INT– 2015 May 25th - Sputnik International “Filipinos Rally Against Smuggled Canadian Trash- Pressure Group” Protests in the Philippines are aiming to address hazardous waste shipped there from Canada: Event 6

INT – 2015 April 21st EcoWatch  “Surreal Photos Show Impact of Plastic pollution on one of the World’s Most Beautiful Places” An art installation project in Mexico aims to bring attention to how consumerism and a disposable culture are impacting the environment: Event 7

INT – 2015 April 15th - Parade  “Could You Fit A Year’s Garbage in a Single Quart Jar?” A family in California committed to a “zero waste” life producing only a quart of waste per year for their family of four: Event 8


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