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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – Why recycle? See the pros and cons of recycling: Link 1 L1 and Link 2 L2


Q3.2 INT – Recycling works within a capitalist system and it is simply cheaper to ship our recyclables to be processed in countries with cheap labour rather than local recycling facilities, like plastics being sent to China: Link 3 (1:37) L1

INT – Have you thought of where all your old model cell phones, laptops, TV's and outdated electronics end up? Well it's one of the largest growing industries and it's accumulating in heaps. When did you or your family last dispose of something electronic? Where does e-waste end up? Here are a few examples (L2):


Q3.3 INT – The e-waste that is sent to far away countries have major social, environmental and health issues affecting people of the area. Find out some of the specific concerns that locals have when it comes to this growing industry (L2):


Q3.4 INT – What is upcycling? How does it differ from recycling? Learn about them and their differences here: Link 7 L1

INT – And what is downcycling? Link 8 L1

INT – Waste reduction and reusing beats recycling: Link 9 L1


Q3.5 INT – Get creative! Check out these ideas on how to recycle plastic and more: Link 10 L1 and Link 11 L1


Helpful Optional Links

CAN – Did you know...? source: Link 12 L1

CAN  Know what to recycle but don’t know where? The Recyclepedia can help: Link 13 L1

INT  If you live in Vancouver you can send your electronics somewhere like Free Geek Link 14 where they can fix and re-sell your electronics. Look out for organizations near you that do the same, when something breaks or you need a new electronic L1

INT – Do you get rid of old electronics responsibly? Not just recycle but donate and reuse first? Link 15 (1:47) L1

INT – This is a great initiative that turns fishing nets into skateboards, reducing the pollution in our oceans: Link 16 (2:27) L1

BC – Check out one or two success stories of students taking on better recycling. Please feel free to use other sources too!

  • Here is an example of a Student-led Recycling Drive: Link 17 L1
  • Richmond Secondary takes on recycling and waste reduction in a big way: Link 18 L1
  • Vancouver schools - recycling is where it all started Link 19 L1
  • And more examples: Link 20 L1 and Link 21 L1

INT – Get tips and inspirations for how to upcycle here! Link 22 L1

CAN  Find out where you can recycle your electronic products here: Link 23 L1

INT – See how good your household is at recycling by holding your own waste audit at home! Link 24 L1


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT - Le plastique et d’autres déchets recyclables sont omniprésents dans notre vie. Ce lien te donnera des raisons pour lesquelles le recyclage est bon pour l’économie, il aide à protéger l’environnement et à conserver nos ressources naturelles. Lien 1

INT – Quels sont les avantages du recyclage? L1 Lien 2


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