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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – Packaging could be useful sometimes as we need to protect the products we’re going to buy. But do we really need to individually wrap each apple? Basic Concepts behind plastic pollution from wrappers: Link 1 L1

INT – We didn't ask for all this packaging! What can we do about it? See page 1 and 2? Link 2 L1


Q3.2 INT – This list identifies and describes all the different types of materials that are used to package items and their purpose: Link 3 L1


Q3.3 INT – Packaging could be useful sometimes as we need to protect the products we’re going to buy. But do we really need to individually wrap each apple? Basic Concepts behind plastic pollution from wrappers: Link 1 L1

INT – What happens to plastic when you throw it away? Follow the animated journey of three plastic water bottles after disposal: Link 4 (4:07) L1

INT – Where does all this plastic go? Can we account for all of it? On the Midway Atoll island near Hawaii an ocean full of garbage is washing ashore and permanently scarring the animals and habitat: Link 5 (2:14) L1

INT – Learn about the plastics in our ocean: Link 6 L1 


Q3.4 INT-US – Different types of packaging have a different impact on the environment based on how or if they can be recycled. Something we sometimes forget is the environmental impact of producing the materials that we use to package our goods L1:


Q3.5 INT – Ways to reduce packaging waste in our homes: Link 10 L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT – A collection of pictures showing over packaged items (feel free to add some): Link 11 L1

INT – Here are some facts that should help you understand how massive our waste problem really is and how recycling can help to alleviate it: Link 12 L1

INT-US – Ending on a light-hearted note, let’s not feed Oscar and take things into our own hands: Link 13 (0:31) L1

INT – Have you ever wonder how companies benefit from all that packaging, although it doesn’t seem like there are many benefits at all? Link 14 L1


Current Events

CAN- 2017 March 30th- CBC News- A city councillor in BC is proposing to ban the plastic-based stickers due to their contamination in the compost stream. Event 1

INT-US - 2017 March 13th- The Guardian “Throwaway culture has spread packaging waste worldwide: here’s what to do about it. This article looks at some of the effects of excess packaging and when it started to be a problem. Event 2

CAN- 2018- Nada Grocery - A zero waste market is coming to Vancouver! Learn how the market promotes ethical consumption, supports local producers, and educates consumer. Event 3

INT-US – 2016 March 8th - Plastic Pollution Coalition  “Whole Foods Reignites Rage About Over-Packaging” A photo of Whole Foods’ over-packaged peeled mandarins shared by PPC on Facebook spurred so much consumer criticism to the point that major news outlets picked up the story: Event 4

INT – 2015 June 1st - The dieline  “5 Sustainable Packaging Hurdles to Overcome” Even if we know that more sustainable packaging is better for the environment there are some problems facing product manufactures that are stopping them from moving in a more sustainable direction: Event 5

INT ­– 2015 April 21st - Bm  “Original Unverpackt: A Package-Free Supermarket in Berlin” A new kind of grocery store has opened in Berlin which allows customers to do their regular grocery shopping while cutting down (or cutting out) their consumption of packaging and waste: Event 6

INT-US – 2015 April 1st - Packaging Digest  “Are refill stations the answer to packaging waste?” Retailers that provide refill stations for cleaning and personal care products are attempting to combat packaging waste at the source: Event 7

INT – 2014 September 9th - IFL Science  “Meet the Next Generation of Waste-Free Food Packaging” A Swedish design company offers amazing 100% biodegradable packaging ideas for food: Event 8


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT – Qu’est-ce qu’on considère comme emballage excessif? L1 Lien 1

Où est-ce qu’aboutissent les emballages? L1 Lien 2

INT – Apprenez quels autres matériaux d’emballage sont utilisés ainsi que leurs avantages et désavantages. L1 Lien 3


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