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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – Doesn’t the Earth have more than enough water for everyone? Link 1 L1

INT – Let’s learn a little more about water scarcity - two types: Link 2 L1 

INT – Find out more about the different types of water scarcity: Link 3 L2


Q3.2 Let’s look at examples of water challenges locally and around the world. Choose from those below to give you some insight and use the knowledge you gain to answer the questions in your Action Pack:

  • CAN – Canada is affected by water shortages too. Created by a group of Lubicon Cree youth, this documentary short shows the serious water shortage affecting the Lubicon Cree nation in Alberta: Link 4 (5:31) L1 
  • INT-US – How is the USA being affected by water scarcity? Link 5 (4:46) L1 and: Link 6 (9:11) L2 

INT – Sometimes it is unimaginable how water challenges are affecting other places. Take a look at what is happening in China: Link 7 L2 


Q3.3 INT – Water consumption is indirect too. Take a look at how much water it takes to produce the food we eat: Link 8 L2


Q3.4 INT-US – What is water privatization and what are some examples? Link 9 L2

INT-US – Water consumption is not only an environmental concern, but a social justice issue as well. This is a glimpse into the movie “Flow” which addresses how our water is being managed around the planet: Link 10 (2:25) L1

CAN-BC – Take a moment to read up on where Vancouver’s tap water comes from: Link 11 L1


Q3.5 CAN – The following website will give you an idea of Canada’s water usage compared to other countries: Link 12 L2

INT-US – Here are some easy ways to save water in the kitchen and around the house: Link 13 L1

INT-US – Is it time to make a change? Do the little choices I make throughout my day save water? Absolutely! Link 14 (1:44) L1

INT-US – Household water use calculator: Link 15 L1


Local Activity Links

These links will be needed to complete your Local Activity

CAN – The following website will give you an idea of Canada’s water use and also calculations for your activity: Link 16 L1

INT-US – Here are some easy ways to save water in the kitchen and around the house: Link 13 L1

CAN – Check out residential water use in Canada. How do you compare? Link 17 L1



Helpful Optional Links

INT  Did you know…? source. Scroll down to the Did You Know section to learn about water consumption in developing and developed nations: Link 18 L2

CAN-BC – It’s easy to save water while you shower, so why not practice a few of these suggestions: Link 19 L1

CAN-BC – Take a look at BC Hydro’s page on how to save water in the bathroom: Link 20 L1

CAN-BC – Everybody hates doing laundry, so let’s keep it as efficient as possible! Check out the following links to find out how to save energy while washing your clothes: Link 21 L1 and: Link 22 (1:34) L1

INT – Around the world, the amount of clean, drinkable water is rapidly decreasing, and there are frequent water crises and droughts that are devastating to local people and wildlife. Here are some of the facts and issues: Link 23 L1

INT – Even Jay-Z is checking out how water scarcity is impacting neighbourhoods in other parts of the world, making his ‘hood references seem luxurious: Link 24 (6:31) L1

INT – Water consumption is indirect, too. This is a very thorough paper breaking down our “Water Print”: Link 25 L2 

CAN – Water is everywhere so we need to protect it. Watch this Water Wealth promotional video: Link 26 (0:51) L1  

INT  It is important to know that water doesn’t magically appear in your taps, but an extensive process and the use of energy is required to make it ready for us. This is a good example of a water quality treatment: Link 27 (3:20) L1

INT-US – Calculate your personal monthly water use and then pledge to use 10% less: Link 28 L1 

INT – Water Scarcity has a global impact: Link 29 L1 

INT  Learn about the low-water landscaping philosophy called “zeroscaping”: Link 30 L1


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT - Les occasions de gaspiller l'eau potable sont nombreuses dans la vie quotidienne. Dans ce lien tu trouveras 16 conseils pour économiser de l’eau à la maison. Lien 1

CAN – Combien d’eau consommons-nous? L2 Liens 2

INT – Comment économiser l’eau chez nous! L1 Liens 3


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