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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 CAN – There are many “glittery” materials that are mined in BC. What is mined and what is it used for? We rely on mined materials in many ways. This site outlines how we use these mined materials and also some history of mining in BC: Link 1 L1

CAN – BC mines quite a few minerals and metals. Find out the 2011 mining reports here and click on the material of your interest: Link 2 L1


Q3.2 INT – From Exploration to Mine-site Planning, Construction, Production, Closure and Reclamation. What you need to know about the lifecycle of a mine in just five stages: Link 3 L1

US – Mining operations can impact a lot of different things. Here’s a look at some of the most common environmental impacts associated with metal mining: Link 4 L1

CAN – Looking for more information on the environmental impacts of mining? Have a look at Environment Canada’s website for more scientific information. This applies to metal mining and more general mining as well: Link 5 L2


Q3.3 INT-US – Here’s a brief overview of the four primary methods of mining provided by the American Geosciences Institute: Link 6 L1

INT – Using coal mines as an example, this link discusses the benefits and drawbacks of underground and surface mining methods: Link 7 L2

CAN – From the Government of Yukon’s Energy, Resources and Mines Department, here’s a look at how placer mining works: Link 8 L2

INT – What is In Situ oil sands production and what are it's upsides and downsides?: Link 9 (2:18)L2


Q3.4 INT – 75% of the world’s mining companies are based in Canada. Find out what that is and what impacts they are causing in overseas mining: Link 10 L2

CAN – Why is Canada considered a bad neighbor? Find out more: Link 11 L2

CAN – Mining Watch is a pan-Canadian initiative, changing public policy and mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems. Find their latest reports on Canadian mining activity here Link 12 L1

INT – Hudbay and Skye Resources evicted seven Guatemalan communities; hear the story here: Link 13 (6:38) L1


Q3.5 CAN-BC – Tsilhqot’in First Nation establish rules for mining in its territory near Williams Lake, BC: Link 14 L1

CAN-BC – The New Prosperity Gold Mine: Taseko Mines wants it, BC First Nations don’t. Here’s why: Link 15 L2

CAN-BC – Here’s a look back at how a BC First Nation threatened to shut down a BC mine if Indigenous Peoples did not become full participants in natural resource extraction projects: Link 16 L2

CAN-BC – In response to threats from a BC First Nation, here’s what Huckleberry Mines did to resolve some of the contention around their mine development, operation and reclamation processes: Link 17 L2


Local Activity Links

These links will be needed to complete your Local Activity.


  • INT – Blood diamonds worldwide fund bloodshed and violence. Find out more. Link 18 L1
  • INT – Methods of diamond extraction: Link 19 L1
  • INT – The environmental impact of diamond extraction: Link 20 L2


  • INT – This source outlines the process of aluminum extraction and its environmental impacts, and also lists some common products made with aluminum. Link 21 L1
  • INT – Social justice issues of aluminum extraction: Link 22 L2


  • INT – The negative impacts of gold extraction: Link 23 L1
  • INT – Learn about the history of gold and how the extraction of gold has evolved: Link 24 L1
  • INT – Methods of gold extraction: Link 25 L1


  • CAN – How coal is extracted and the environmental impact of this extraction: Link 26 L1
  • INT – What are the different types of coal? Different methods of mining? How do we use it and what are the positive and negative impacts of coal on our environment and on us?: Link 27 L1


  • INT-US – The extraction process of copper mining: Link 28 L1
  • INT – Here are some uses of copper Link 29 L1 
  • INT-US – The social and environmental impact of Arizona copper mines: Link 30 L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT  Did you know…? source: Link 31 L1

CAN – Is there a way we could lose power over what and how things are extracted here in Canada? Some groups are worried about this with a newly approved trade agreement called FIPA: Link 32 L2 and: Link 33 L2

INT – What if we had an international law against “ecocide”? Would that prevent mining injustices? Link 34 L2

INT-US – “The Story of Electronics” outlines how many of our extracted resources are used in the everyday electronics that we have the luxury of owning. But extracting the resources for these items aren’t the only cause of negative social and environmental impact. Electronics have a negative impact throughout their life cycle, including their disposal: Link 35 (7:47) L1

INT – What are the important questions that you should be asking before buying your jewelry? This site will help frame your questions: Link 36 L1

INT – Learn about the conflicts in Sierra Leone due to the diamond industry, and how the global community responded with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme: Link 37 L2 (8:05) and: Link 38 L2

INT-US – Beyond diamonds we also have to be aware of the impacts of other gemstones. Our favourite gemstones may not hold has much “beauty” as we think. Check out the issues related to gemstone mining: Link 39 L1

INT – What about the materials that holds the sparkly diamonds and gemstones? This info graphic gives a brief overview on how conflict gold gets from mines to our jewelry boxes: Link 40 L1

 INT – Find out if you and your family are purchasing “dirty gold”: Link 41 L1

CAN – Check out these community websites near Vancouver! Link 42 L1 and Link 43 L1

CAN – An example from the Alberta Oil (Tar) Sands provides some insight into the advantages and disadvantages of in-situ mining practices: Link 44 L2


Stakeholder Links

CAN-BC – The Wet’suwe’ten First Nation threatened to shut down the $455-million expansion of the Huckleberry Mines Ltd. if Indigenous peoples didn't become full participants in natural resource extraction projects: Stakeholder 1 L1


Current Events

INT- 2017 May 20th - IFLSCIENCE! - Apple hopes to only use recycled material for their products in the nearby future: Event 1

BC – 2015 June 4th - Global News  “Mine-disaster super fund needed; First Nations” First Nations groups are asking for a fund to be set up to stop and mitigate mining disasters like the toxic spill from a tailings pond into Quesnel Lake in Northern BC: Event 2 

INT – 2015 January 15th - The Guardian  “Fairphone reviews: ethics trumps everything else” The Fairphone has been developed and is the environmentally and socially responsible answer to the Smartphone. Reviews say that it is a pretty good alternative: Event 3

CAN – 2015 January 13th - The Georgia Straight  “David Suzuki: Digging out of Canada’s Mining Dilemma” Evidence shows that the current rate of mining and natural resource extraction is unsustainable and could result in economic, political and environmental disasters in the future: Event 4

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