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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – What are our values? Find out how values influence many areas of our lives: Link 1 L1

INT – Recognizing and defining our core values are important in appreciating positive moments and working through negative ones. “Mind Tools” guides us through exploring and defining our values, providing an in-depth list and ways to reaffirm them: Link 2 L1


Q3.2 INT – We need to take a little time out to reflect: Link 3 L1

INT – Visit this link to understand why people meditate. Meditation is an ancient practice of self-cultivation that has been associated with literally hundreds of physical, mental, and emotional benefits: Link 4 L1 


Q3.3 INT-US – Let’s get started in making change happen! Here is a collection of affirmation techniques to implement in to your daily living: Link 5 L1


Q3.4 INT – Explore what influences our values and beliefs: Link 6 L1


Q3.5 CAN – Indigenous communities across Canada have experienced a disruption in their culture through the residential school system. Find out more about their experience: Link 7 L2


Local Activity Links 

These links will be needed to complete your Local Activity

Q3.3 INT-US – Let’s get started in making change happen! Here is a collection of affirmation techniques to implement in to your daily living: Link 5 L1

CAN – Check out the list of values here: Link 8 L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT  Did you know…? source: Link 9 L1

INT – Our values, who we are and who we be become are also influenced by our culture. Let’s look a little closer at that: Link 10  L1

INT-US – One-Moment Meditation: “How to Meditate in a Moment.” Can you take a moment to ground yourself in a busy day? Let’s give this a go: Link 11 (5:35) L1

INT-UK – Here is another example of one culture imposing its values and ways of being on another culture. Search through this website to gain an understanding of the motivations and impacts the Highland Clearances had on Scottish families and ways of life: Link 12 L2

CAN – Coming to the realization that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative, author Erin Henry takes a life-altering dive into the world of affirmations; self-directed phrases that affirm core values and positive self-worth: Link 13 L1

INT-US – The following article helps to explain some of the routine dilemmas of the modern age (for example, why do we crave distraction over downtime?) while offering practical ideas on “disconnecting”: Link 14 L2

INT – Teaching Mindfulness to Children demonstrates the misunderstandings that we unconsciously create when not being fully present. Mindfulness disentangles us from our emotions allowing us to fully experience our lives and teaches us to transform not our problems, but our relationships with our problems: Link 15 (3:44) L1

INT-US – Let’s look at who we are as a generation - each one of us is part of a bigger collective. By aligning with our values and taking time out for what’s important, we can be part of creating a different story and an innovative future: Link 16 (9:28) L1

INT-US – Louise L. Hay is a famous writer that has helped many people make their life better through affirmations. Check out what she has to say about affirmations: Link 17 (12:57) L1

INT – Our five senses provide powerful direction when learning to meditate and can be used to make the transition into meditation easier. “How children use their 5 senses during meditation” provides information on how to use your senses effectively while meditating to strengthen the meditation experience: Link 18 (4:57) L1  

INT – This great RSA video puts a new light on what motivates us: Link 19 (10:48) L1  

INT – Why focus on the self, when the collective can be so effective? Great change often starts with one person choosing something different and we need to recognize what we stand for and how powerful we can be: Link 20 (1:42) L1


Current Events

INT - 2015 May 26th - The Washington Post - Meditation can be a way to reflect on personal values. Check out this article on the benefits of meditation!: Event 1

INT - 2017 April 30th - Quartz - We should start embracing moments where we can relax and simply do nothing: Event 2

INT-US – 2015 June 11th - National Journal  “How Younger Americans Are Redefining Success” Young people are facing a dramatically different career and financial future than their parents and are looking for work that reflects values, lifestyle and a changing economic climate: Event 3

CAN – 2015 June 10th - Huffington Post  “Your Values Affect the Environment” David Suzuki writes about how our natural human reaction to instability and conflict in the world is actually making it harder for society to cope and find solutions: Event 4

CAN – 2015 June 10th - The Globe & Mail  “Have Your Say: How can we pack our eco and social values on summer vacation?” It is important to think about social and environmental justice in all of your life decisions, even when thinking about your summer vacation: Event 5

INT – 2015 June 8th - B2C  “The New BOGO: Buy-One-Give-One” The latest in green marketing is the concept of buy one give one where companies connect with charitable organizations and offer a donation of goods or funds with every purchase: Event 6

Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT - Nos valeurs sont très importantes.  Ce lien décrit comment trouver les valeurs qui sont importantes pour nous, pourquoi nous devons respecter nos valeurs, ce que c’est qu’une valeur, il contient aussi des exercices qui nous aideront à trouver nos valeurs. Lien 1

INT – En quoi consistent les valeurs? L1 Lien 2

CAN - Pourquoi est-il important de connaître nos valeurs? L1 Lien 3

INT – Qu’est-ce que l’affirmation de soi? L1 Lien 4

INT – Quels sont les avantages de l’affirmation de soi? L1 Lien 5


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