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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – Empathy is a guiding emotion in our lives that allows us to connect and associate with others. Read about the important role this plays in children’s lives here: Link 1 L1

INT – The science behind empathy reveals that is may be at the root of human evolution: Link 2 (7:34) L2         


Q3.2 INT-US – Here is a great introduction into our social networks, and how their happiness makes you happier and vice versa: Link 3 L2

INT-US – 5 ways your friends make you happier, healthier and an all-around better person: Link 4 L1


Q3.3 INT – The majority of successful people prioritize connecting with others; Forbes highlights why and how: Link 5 L1


Q3.4 INT-US – Cross-cultural relationship building can offer you a greater perspective on peoples of the world and alter your way of being in the world. The following links are a part of a toolkit that can help you develop your skills in this area: Link 6 L2 and: Link 7 L2 


Q3.5 INT-US – Let’s look at how we connect without connecting, how that is affecting our society, and what role technology plays in shaping our relationships: Link 8 (19:48) L2

 INT – Read about how technology allows us to connect in a fast and effortless way: Link 9 L1

INT – Explore how technology has promoted a global community: Link 10 L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT – Did you know…? source: Link 11 L1

INT – Effective listening is essential to being able to deeply connect with others. Are those around you being heard? Here are a few tips on “Active Listening”: Link 12 L1  

INT-US – Here is an example of how looking out for others spreads: Link 13 (4:36) L1

INT-US – The idea of creating “social capital” plays a role in bigger societal change as well: Link 14 (4:51) L2


Stakeholder Links

CAN – The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has published 94 "calls to action" urging all levels of government to work in a concerted effort to help repair the harm inflicted upon countless First Nations, Inuit and Métis people: Stakeholder 1 L2

CAN – This link highlights the importance interconnection plays amongst First Nations, Inuit and Métis worldviews and ways of knowing: Stakeholder 2 L1


Current Events

INT-US – 2015 May 12th - The Huffington Post  “Why it’s Important to Have Boundaries in Relationships” Adopting a conscious way of relating to other people can have a positive effect on your relationships with others and with yourself: Event 1

INT – 2015 April 26th - The New York Times  “Nepal Earthquake Poses Challenge for International Aid Agencies” International aid can be critical in disaster situations. After the earthquake in Nepal however the effects were so widely felt that it was challenging to get aid to where it was most needed: Event 2

CAN – 2015 January 3rd - Meaford Express  “Meaford residents work towards self-reliance through Transition Town” In a small community in Ontario a group of like minded people are embarking on a collective journey known as a Transition Town movement to build local resilience together: Event 3

CAN – 2014 December 18th - The Globe and Mail  “How can we bring courtesy and kindness back into our daily routines” In our ever-busy, heads-down lives, it’s easy to ignore the needs of others – or even our impulse toward simple gestures of courtesy like greeting our neighbours, holding open doors or letting another car pass: Event 4


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT - Nous négligeons souvent nos relations avec les autres. Ce lien fourni des conseils pour entretenir de bonnes relations humaines. Lien 1

INT – Qu’est-ce que l’empathie? L1 Lien 2

INT – Quel est l’importance de l’empathie? L2 Lien 3


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