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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT  The modern family structure is not what is use to be. For some this is a positive and others maybe not. Here are some examples of how things have changed: Link 1 L2

INT – This is a great clip on the function of family even though it is outdated - enjoy the 90’s hair-dos! Link 2 (7:06) L2 


Q3.2 CAN – What role does the family play in adolescent development? Find out more: Link 3 L2

INT – Sometimes a family structure breaks down but this doesn’t mean that you are not supported or loved. Here are some great insights into how children are affected by divorce: Link 4 L2


Q3.3 INT – East vs. West: who treats their elderly better? The answer gives a picture of how wider societal values impact relationships between generations within the family unit: Link 5 L2

INT – Anthropologist Jared Diamond investigates what it is like to grow old in different parts of the world and how countries can help people grow old better: Link 6 L2 China is an example of a country where the experiences of the elderly have changed a lot: Link 7 (7:43) L2

US – Indigenous cultures have many traditions and practices that honor and respect the wisdom and role of elders in society: Link 8 L1


Q3.4 CAN-BC – The Intergenerational Landed Learning Farm at UBC is where young and old connect with each other nature and is about the importance of local food for future generations: Link 9 L1

CAN-BC – Volunteer Grandparents is great local organization that connects youth who may not have the chance to grow up with elderly folk and who wish to develop mentoring relationships: Link 10 L1

CAN – Big Brother Big Sister is a well known organization that has impacted the lives of many children and adults through their mentorship programming: Link 11 L1


Q3.5 INT – The next seven generations will be impacted by the decisions we make today. This principal is rooted in Indigenous cultures all over the world and impacts their family values, daily practices and much more: Link 12 L2 (2:15) and Link 13 L2


Local Activity 

These links will be needed to complete your Local Activity.

INT  A how to guide for conducting family interviews and family tree research: Link 14 L2 and Link 15 L2


Helpful Optional Links

INT – The Lost Generation is a poem that demonstrates what happens when a generation decides to change the values that are associated with them: Link 16 (1:44) L1

US – The modern family, as seen on TV! Link 17 (2:37) L1


Stakeholder Links

INT – Find out how the seventh generation principal is rooted in Indigenous cultures all over the world and impacts their family values, daily practices and much more: Stakeholder 1 L2


Current Events

INT- 2017 February - Brightvibes - Rather than paying rent, Dutch students spend about 30 hours a month interacting with elderly residents instead: Event 1

CAN – 2015 June 20th - The Tyee  “Why We Need More At-Home Dads” Changing dynamics in families and alternative career paths mean that stay-at-home dads are becoming more and more common and this can be good for communities and kids: Event 2

INT – 2015 June 8th – The Straits Times Singapore  “Data on relatives’ support can help policymaking as households shrink” In Singapore the government is conducting studies about how changing family structures will affect care of the elderly: Event 3

BC – 2015 June 4th - The Vancouver Sun  "Barbara Yaffe: Co-housing another option in the real estate market" Co-housing is a movement that makes home ownership more accessible especially to young families. Co-housing also provides community connections and support: Event 4


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

CAN - Bien que nos relations familiales soient souvent les plus étroites, nous ne les connaissons pas autant que nous le devrions. Ce lien suggère des moyens de rendre nos relations familiales plus étroites. Lien 1


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