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How well do you know your neighbours? Are you friends with them? Would you feel comfortable borrowing an egg or some sugar if you were in need of an ingredient? Or do you just nod “hello” because you have not yet formally introduced yourself or learned their names? Breaking out of our individualistic routines and connecting with people in our neighbourhood creates many opportunities to enrich our lives through shared experiences, from social activities like block parties to helping one another in bringing improvements to the neighbourhood.  


Q3.1 INT-US – Here is an example of a community supporting their neighbours: Link 1 (5:19) L1

INT-US – Watch this slightly dry video to discover how strong, cohesive communities contribute to better individual health: Link 2 (2:25) L1

INT– Here are 12 good reasons to get to know your neighbors: Link 3 L1


Q3.2 CAN – Find out what already exists. Check out Village Vancouver, a localized social network that focuses on connecting people with the goal of building resilient and sustainable communities. This “transition town” movement is gaining momentum globally. Read about it here, see if there is a transition town hub in your neighbourhood, and check out some of the projects they are taking on to build community and resiliency: Link 4 L1


Q3.3 INT-US – There are also ways you can make a difference without committing very much time: Link 5 L1


Q3.4 INT – Why would we need to know our neighbours? Considering what is happening around the world, sharing and working with your neighbours and communities could be the way of the future. It would build “social capital” and help reduce some of our big global problems: Link 6 (4:51) L1

INT – The concept of community resiliency reinforces how connecting in community changes the possibilities of our future. Here is a quick video on the concept and need for community resilience: Link 7 (2:22) L1


Q3.5 INT – What is a collective house? Find out the benefits of living collectively: Link 8 L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT-AUS – To some places and people, connecting with your neighbour is a big deal: Link 9 L1

INT-US – In building strong communities, we need to be aware of the lens we are looking through and work across different cultures. Try reading the following article, written by an American author, through a Canadian lens: Link 10 L2

INT-US – One fun way to connect with your neighbours is to hold a block party! This is great way to connect neighbours, have fun and see who might be interested in some of the community initiatives you are keen about: Link 11 L1

INT-US – This organization, Universe, describes what getting to know your community and neighbours can do for you and your community: Link 12 L1 (1:52) and this is just one example of shared economy opportunity: Link 13 L1

CAN – And an example of a school that is greening their grounds and taking initiative to connect with their community: Link 14 L1

CAN – If you are really interested in the power of connecting with your neighbours in this uncertain time for oil dependency, check out this great Transition Town movie. It is 50 minutes long, but a great resource if this movement interests you: Link 15 (50min) L1 

CAN – Learn some tips about how to involve your neighbourhood in growing food for a “two block diet”: Link 16 L1


Stakeholder Links

CAN – This link highlights the importance interconnection plays amongst First Nations, Inuit and Métis worldviews and ways of knowing. Stakeholder 1 L1 


Current Events

CAN – 2015 June 21st - Global News “National Aboriginal Day more significant following truth and Reconciliation report: First Nations Chief” After the release of a Truth and Reconciliation report which contained 94 recommendations First nations Chiefs say that National Aboriginal day held a deeper meaning. Event 1

CAN – 2015 June 17th - Guelph Mercury  “Guelph residents well-served by their neighborhood groups” Neighbourhood groups in the city of Guelph are actively involved in community policing which brings police and community members together to improve well-being and safety: Event 2

INT-US – 2015 June 10th - VOA  “Changing Lives One Cup of Coffee at a Time” Coffee shop in Denver Colorado hires and trains homeless youth, giving them a chance to gain skills: Event 3

BC – 2015 June 9th - Global and Mail  “Vancouver releases plan to boost availability of family housing” Pressure on the City of Vancouver has led them to release a plan to provide more family oriented housing units close to schools and parks: Event 4


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INT - Nos communautés nous offrent de nombreux bénéfices.  Ce lien décrit l’importance des communautés pour les jeunes à travers le monde. Lien 1


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