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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – Deepak Chopra is a leading thinker on religion and spirituality (stop at 2:10): Link 1 (7:22) L1

INT – How do individuals achieve transcendence? This video is a mind-twister: Link 2 (3:16) L2  


Q3.2 INT – The Dali Lama may be the happiest person. He has witnessed a great deal of suffering but his guide to happiness is all about compassion: Link 3 (8:06) L1 

INT – The Charter for Compassion has spread worldwide asking people to commit to living a compassionate life: Link 4 (2:10) L1; the greater Vancouver community has responded: Link 5 L1

US – The science behind compassion reveals that humans have evolved to what we are today because of our caring instinct: Link 6 L2 


Q3.3 INT – Evolutionary psychologist Dr. Maslow produced a theory that individuals achieve fulfillment through a hierarchy of needs: Link 7 L2 and: Link 8 L2


Q3.4 INT-US  The things that make us happiest might surprise us. In many cases happiness is a matter of meeting a few basic needs and having meaningful work Link 9 L2  Link 10 L2 


Q3.5 INT  What are the root causes of unsustainability? This video breaks down actions that we take that make the world unsustainable: Link 11 (4:16)  L1


Helpful Optional Links

INT  Did you know…? source: Link 12 L1

INT – People connect with spirituality in different ways. Many people find their spiritual communities through religion. The BBC’s website features a wonderful compilation of information on twenty of the world’s major spiritual belief systems. Explore them to see what you do or don’t align with: Link 13 L1

INT – Find out the importance nature has in our well-being: Link 14 L1

INT-US – Satish Kumar discusses the role of humans in the climate change crisis. Kumar encourages us to stop living as if we have ownership over all things or that everything exists to be used by us: Link 15 (3:51) L2

INT-US – This video shows different ways of being in the world, beliefs, perspectives and existence. Wade Davis explores the extraordinary diversity of cultures around the world and explains the validity of the adaptive choices of each, ours being but a single reality and one set of adaptive choices: Link 16 (22:05) L2


Stakeholder Links

CAN – Here's a look at how a deep and genuine relationship with the Earth has long been a central tenet of First Nations worldviews and philosophy: Stakeholder 1 L1


Current Events

INT - 2017 March 20th - The Huffington Post - The ocean impacts the human community and its surrounding ecosystem in various ways: Event 1

INT-US – 2015 June 22nd - The Huffington Post  “Millennial Faith Leaders Offer A Vision For The Future of The Environmental Movement” To many religious climate activists, caring for the environment isn't just a good idea - it's a moral responsibility: Event 2 

INT-US – 2015 May 28th - The Huffington Post  “Pope Francis’ Integral Ecology” The Pope’s recent call to action on climate changes and global ecology has introduced integral ecology as a term for deeper reflection: Event 3


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT – Apprenez la théorie de Marlow et la pyramide des besoins! L1 Lien 1

INT – Apprenez à connaître la charte de la compassion. L1 Lien 2


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