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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 CAN – What is Environmental Justice? This article from University of Washington provides many definitions: Link 1 L2

CAN – Here is an early example of Canadian environmental injustice: This group did not have paved roads, running water, waste removal, electricity or sewers despite paying the high taxes required to receive them: Link 2 (4:03) L2 

CAN – In an attempt to prevent another Africville – a community that had no input on having an open-pit dump built in their city – residents of Lincolnville revolt against the placement of a large landfill within their community: Link 3 L2 


Q3.2 INT – How are the people in clothing industries treated? Watch this video on the Uzbekistan cotton fields for an example: Link 4 (7:51) L2 

INT – A massive chemical spill leaves thousands dead and tens of thousands ill or disfigured. Read here about the Bhopal Disaster and its aftermath: Link 5 L2 


Q3.3 CAN – The Lubicon Cree of Northern Alberta are losing self-sufficiency due to a lack of clean water and air. Health concerns are surfacing such as respiratory illness and cancer: Link 6 (10:46) L2  

CAN – The application of treaty rights by First Nations have made efforts to challenge Big Oil in Alberta: Link 7 L2 


Q3.4 CAN – What is the connection between environmental racism and environmental justice? Link 8 L2 

US – 11 facts to help you understand environmental racism: Link 9 L2 


Q3.5 CAN  Ecojustice and the David Suzuki foundation have teamed up to include environmental rights into the Charter of Rights and Freedom! Find out more: Link 10 L2


Local Activity Links

INT – In these injustices, there are many instances that violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. With the cases we have looked at, can you identify some rights that were violated? Link 11 L2


Helpful Optional Links

INT  Did you know…? source: Link 12 L2

CAN – In Canada, don’t we have rules and policies that ensure a healthy environment for communities? Let’s take a closer look at that: Link 13 L2 

CAN – Watch this short documentary speaking to environmental injustices happening in The Chemical Valley of Sarnia, Ontario: Link 14 (31:12) L1

INT – Check out a few environmental justice victories! Link 15 L2

CAN – The Environmental Justice movement began in the US but has since found its way into many other countries. Read here about the EJ movement in Canada and what the research is seeking to uncover: Link 16 L2

INT – The case of the Dharavi Slum: Link 17 L2  


Stakeholder Links

CAN – Challenging Big Oil in Alberta: Here's a look at how First Nations treaty rights hold the key to bringing about Environmental Justice: Stakeholder 1 L2

CAN – The Lubicon Cree of Northern Alberta are losing self-sufficiency. Here are some of the reasons why: Stakeholder 2 L2


Current Events

CAN- 2017 January 18th - The Guardian - Lennox Island and its community are facing the impacts of climate change: rising sea levels, warmer winters and storms. Although they know what needs to be fixed and changed, no one is helping them: Event 1

INT - 2017 April 17th - Health Affairs - In the current era of climate changes and a shared water supply, we must be even more cognizant of water as a precious resource. Water is essential to life and health. Read about the implications of the Dakota Access Pipeline on environmental racism and justice: Event 2

INT- 2016 March 24th - True Activist - An Amazonian Tribe seeks to bring unmoral environmental destruction into the spotlight: Event 3

INT – 2015 June 19th - Citylab  “A Mapping Tool That Makes It Easier to Spot Environmental Justice” A new mapping tool will make it easier to see the racial and socio-economic factors connected to environmental injustice in the U.S.: Event 4

INT  2015 June 2nd - The Nation  “Ecuador’s Battle for Environmental Justice against Chevron” Ecuador’s president has accused Chevron, the third largest company in the U.S. of deliberately polluting the Amazon rainforest: Event 5

INT – 2015 May 31st - Al Dia News  “Across the Americas, indigenous peoples protest fossil fuel and mining incursions on native lands” The Keystone XL pipeline proposed to carry tar sands oil to the Gulf Coast violates Indigenous treaties in North and South Dakota: Event 6

CAN – 2015 April 22nd - 50.50 Inclusive Democracy  “Awaiting Justice: Indigenous resistance in the tar sands of Canada” Across Canada First Nations communities are leading the march asking the federal government to take change on climate action: Event 7

CAN – 2015 January 29th - The Huffington Post  “A Dark Day for Environmental Justice in Canada” A class action suit launched by Nova Scotians against contamination in the Sydney Tar Ponds (recognized as one of Canada’s most contaminated sites) was rejected by the Supreme Court: Event 8


Liens de Recherche en Français

INT - Les enjeux de la justice environnementale sont très répandus. Ce lien explique le terme justice environnementale et décrit des types d’inégalités.Lien 1

CAN – Qu’est-ce que la justice environnementale et la discrimination environnementale? L2 Lien 2

INT – Découvrez la réalité de la vie pour certaines femmes et enfants. L2 Lien 3

INT – Renseignez-vous sur la catastrophe de Bhopal ! L2 Lien 4

INT – Les déchets électroniques – où aboutissent-ils ? L2 Lien 5


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