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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – Are animals and humans inherently connected? Link 1 L2

INT – A brief history of animal domestication: Link 2 L1


Q3.2 INT – INT-US - Read slides 1-11 in this PowerPoint from the Animals and Society Institute about 'othering' and how it affects animals: Link 3 L2

INT-US – “Earthlings” is an award-winning documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix that examines humankind’s reliance on animals to suit its own needs, offering another interesting perspective on this topic. Watch the trailer here (*Please note that this film contains images that some people may find disturbing or offensive)Link 4 (7:00) L2 


Q3.3 INT – Why animal rights? Link 5 L2

INT – What is the difference between animal welfare and animal rights? Understanding this difference will help you better understand this Action Pack: Link 6 L1

INT – So many people enjoy the company of a pet. These animals give us much in return; according to some research, they teach us compassion and improve our health, among other things. Here are some links that demonstrate the positive impact of having meaningful and caring interactions with animals: Link 7 L1 and: Link 8 (2:26) L1


Q3.4 INT – World Wildlife Organization on stopping wildlife crimes: Link 9 L1

INT-US – Wildlife “management” happens all over the world. What is our role in regulating and culling animals for their “ideal population sizes”? Whose benefit are we doing this for? Link 10 L2

CAN – When looking at animal rights issues, there are a lot of different violations to learn about. Check out at least four different causes that interest you in the links below. The Humane Society is one of the world’s largest and most active animal rights organizations and its website presents an excellent overview of many of the larger issues associated with the cause: Link 11 L1

INT-US – Explore animal rights issues ranging from wildlife abuse to domestic animal cruelty: Link 12 L1 


Q3.5 INT – Recent research has revealed that the earth is undergoing its sixth mass extinction event. This has serious implications for the health of the entire planet; including humans who in this case are the main culprits: Link 13 L2 and Link 14 L2


Helpful Optional Links

INT – Most people interact with fur farming, or the global skins trade, without much thought on the topic. Read how animals are treated inside the fur factory and then check out the list of common animals used for their fur and skin: Link 15 L1 and Link 16 L1 

CAN – Here are some of the facts behind animal farming: Link 17 L2 and to take action or find out more about these issues, CEFTA (among others) has some advice: Link 18 L2 

INT-US – Animal testing can be gruesome and happens all over the world. Here are some facts on testing on animals: Link 19 L2 

CAN – It is good to remember that there are often multiple sides to each story. To be discerning, it is best to be informed on the multiple stakeholders and their approach to the issue, as well as consequences to all when a shift in regulations is made. Seal hunting has been an emotionally charged animal rights subject for many years, and is a good one to look at in this context. Check out common literature on the subject: Link 20 L2 and the perspective of an Inuit hunter. If they banned all seal hunting, who would it help and who would it hurt? Link 21 L2 

INT – Do you use products that test on animals? Do you know if they do? The following website helps you find out which companies manufacture products that are tested on animals: Link 22 L2 

INT – Humans have rights; some people have taken a stand to protect the rights of animals as shown in the short video “Animal Rights: A Universal Declaration” by Alex Bourke: Link 23 (4:44) L2 

INT  A glimpse into large scale meat and dairy production: Link 24 (6:01) L2 

INT – Animals aren't able to speak up for themselves, it's up to you to help speak up against animal abuse and exploitation! Link 25 L1


Current Events

CAN – 2017 April 6th - Vancouver Sun - Battery Cages, a type of cage arranged in tight rows and columns, are being phased out in Canada. However, the ban is not as effective as it should be: Event 1

INT-US – National Geographic - Since the 1990s, the bee population has plummeted to nearly 90% and now the first US Bumblebee (Bombus affinis) is officially listed as endangered: Event 2

CAN – 2017 April 24th - The Province - With the BC elections coming up soon, citizens will have the opportunity to determine if the grizzly hunt will end. "The fate of B.C.'s grizzlies is too important to be a partisan issue": Event 3

INT-US – 2017 February 14th - Vox - Conservation and stewardship can start in your very own backyard. One man repopulated a rare butterfly species is his own backyard: Event 4

CAN – 2016 June 22nd - National Observer - Major housing development plans have been postponed in Quebec in order to protect the endangered Western Chorus frogs: Event 5

CAN – 2016 March 3rd - Huffington Post  “Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith Dismisses 'Fear-Mongering' On Animal Welfare Bill” Canada’s Animal Protection Act has not been substantially updated since 1982. In response, an Animal Welfare Bill (Bill C-246) has been drafted to do just that. Unfortunately, the proposal has been met with much controversy and criticism: Event 6

CAN – 2016 February 8th - Read this article by a Canadian dairy farmer to learn about the dairy industry, including myths and facts: Event 7

INT – 2015 June 29th - One Green Planet  “Bridging the Gap between Animal Rights and Civil Rights: Hope We’re Making Progress” Arguments for the right of non-human animals are beginning to be a part of greater conversations about ethics and fair treatment: Event 8

INT – 2015 June 23rd - Vogue  “Ryan Gosling Is an Animal Rights Hero” Ryan Gosling is speaking out asking Costco, the large wholesale grocery chain, to sell cage free eggs: Event 9

INT – 2015 June 14th - International Business Times  “Yulin Dog Meat festival 2015: China beseeched by Animal rights Activist as Solstice Approaches” Animal-rights groups across the world are calling on Chinese officials to put a stop to a solstice celebration in which thousands of dogs and cats are supposedly killed for their meat and eaten: Event 10

CAN – 2015 June 5th - MetroNews  “Quebec tables landmark animals rights bill” Proposed Quebec legislation would impose heavy fines and jail time for serial animal abusers and go so far as to criminalize flushing live goldfish down the toilet: Event 11


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT - Il existe beaucoup d’enjeux à propos des droits des animaux.  Le premier lien explore l’industrie de la fourrure et le deuxième lien explique le bien-être des animaux. Lien 1 et Lien 2

INT – Apprenez ce qu’est la règlementation REACH et le résultat de la législation. L1 Lien 3 et Lien 4

CAN – Découvrez comment l’industrie de la fourrure maltraite les animaux. L1 Lien 5 et Lien 6

Quels sont les piliers de la justice pour les animaux? L1 Lien 7


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