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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT-US – Our society has constructed ideas of how men and women should behave, look and dress. This article looks at gender, gender stereotypes and how to fight back against gender stereotypes: Link 1 L1 

INT-US – Gender and Sexuality 101: Link 2 (3:00) L2 


Q3.2 INT – Gender is often seen as a binary with “male” on one end and “female” on the other. Alternatively, gender is actually a spectrum and individuals can fall all along that spectrum: Link 3 L2

INT – Gender identity is a person’s internal sense of being masculine, feminine or somewhere along the gender spectrum! Link 4 (2:10) L1


Q3.3 CAN – This is an overview of the oppression of First Nations women in Canada Link 5 L2

INT – Gender inequality of Canadian First Nations women was part of a much larger systemic issue. Learn more about the “Sixties Scoop” and its legacy: Link 6 L2

CAN – Canada’s history of violence continues to be silenced as murders of indigenous women go unsolved: Link 7 L2


Q3.4 CAN-INT – A group of international indigenous women respond to environmental and reproductive justice issues: Link 8 L2 

INT – The Urban Initiative’s agenda connects environmental and reproductive justice. Learn more with: Link 9 L2 

INT – Environmental justice campaigns provide fertile ground for joint efforts with reproductive rights advocates: Link 10 L2 


Q3.5 INT – Oxfam outlines some of the climate change connections to woman globally: Link 11 L1

INT – Climate change and Indian women: Link 12 (1:55) L2 

INT – An example of women empowerment to make community change, this is an introduction to Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan woman who started the green belt movement: Link 13 (3:00) L2

INT – The Chipko Movement in India shows how women assembled (around trees) to protect their forests and rivers from the logging industry: Link 14 (7:35) L2


Helpful Optional Links

INT – Did you know...? source: Link 15 L1

INT – Is there a correlation to how well a country does and how big their “gender gap” is? Link 16 (2:56) L2

CAN – This opinion piece on The Globe and Mail talks about Trudeau’s “gender equal” cabinet: Link 17 L2 

INT – Women’s rights have come a long way over the course of the past century, but women are still a long way off from having true equal opportunity. The following is a great resource with which to educate yourself on the current status of women’s rights and the various issues associated with them: Link 18 L1

CAN – What is the situation here in Canada? Check out The Government of Canada's description of gender-based violence and its effects on different Canadians: Link 19 L2

INT – This TED talk breaks down North American barriers that prevent woman from making it to the top of their professions: Link 20 (14:58) L2 

INT – One way to empower women in developing countries is supporting them through micro-loans, which, in turn, increase the likelihood that they will escape poverty and become educated. See what micro-loans are: Link 21(2:07) L1 and what benefits they have: Link 22 L1


Stakeholder Links

US – Sexual violence against Indigenous women is the result of a number of factors and continues a history of widespread human rights abuses against Indigenous peoples in the USA: Stakeholder 1 L1

CAN – From the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, here’s a look at the link between First Nations Poverty and the Canadian Economy: Stakeholder 2 L2


Current Events

CAN – 2016 January 13th The Globe and Mail  “Alberta brings in guidelines for schools to address LGBTQ issues” Alberta’s Education Minister has introduced guidelines for school boards to follow regarding LGBTQ students, including what they can wear, what sports they can play and which washrooms they can use: Event 1

CAN – 2015 November 6th – iPolitics  “Trudeau’s office vows to fix gender gap in cabinet salaries” Even with a 50-50 gender representation in Trudeau’s cabinet, a number of the women fall under “ministers of state” rather than “full ministers” resulting in lower salaries: Event 2

CAN – 2015 June 29th - The Tyee  “Same-Sex Marriage a Civil Right? ‘Vile and Disgusting’ Said Harper” With recent legalization of same sex marriage in the U.S. reporters are exposing derogatory comments made by previous Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper in the past: Event 3

INT – 2015 June 28th - All Africa  “Ethiopia: Women’s Groups Say Gender Equality is a Must for Sustainable Development” Women’s groups are pushing an agenda of gender equality for upcoming UN talks asking for “no sustainable development without equality”: Event 4

INT – 2015 June 26th - The Huffington Post  “Another Gay Marriage Victory, Another lesson for Climate Action” The author of this article makes connections between the gay rights movement and the global movement for climate action: Event 5

CAN – 2015 June 18th - Maclean’s  “Gender inequality in the sciences? It’s still very present in Canada” Women in Canadian labs still face some discrimination from their peers and colleagues in the field: Event 6

INT – 2015 June 24th - Climate Progress  “Why Climate Change is a Women’s Rights Issue” The United Nations Population Fund took a deep look at the relationship between women and climate change in its annual report, concluding that women “are among the most vulnerable to climate change”: Event 7


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT - L’inégalité des genres entraîne un grand nombre d’impacts sociaux et environnementaux. Ces liens discutent le concept de genre et celui de l’égalité des genres. Lien 1 et Lien 2

INT – Apprenez à connaître l’éventail des orientations sexuelles ! L1 Lien 3

INT – Qu’est-ce que le microcrédit ? L1 Lien 4

CAN – Apprenez quels sont les droits des femmes autochtones et l’histoire incroyable de Madame Two-Axe ! L1 Lien 5

CAN – Apprenez ce qu’étaient les pensionnats autochtones et leur expérience. L1 Lien 6


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