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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 INT – Defining Fair Trade and Free Trade: Link 1 L1 and this is a great animated short on the effects of poorly regulated trade in less wealthy countries: Link 2 (2:27) L1

INT – Find out what the positive and negative effects of Free Trade are: Link 3 L1

INT – What are the negative effects of Free Trade exactly? Link 4 L2


Q3.2 INT-US – The materials economy is a linear production system that dominates our manufacturing world. See the stage and problems that make up the materials economy: Link 5 L1


Q3.3 INT – So what happens to surrounding local businesses when a Wal-Mart moves into a community? This brief slideshow puts the facts on the table: Link 6 L1

INT-US – For a shorter and more subtly humorous look at the issue, check out “Going Big-box vs. Going Local”: Link 7 (5:00) L1

CAN – This article from the Calgary Herald highlights the reasons why big box retailers are an issue in Canada and are eroding local communities: Link 8 L2

INT-US – What happens when big box stores come in, but then leave? Link 9 (2:16) L1

INT-US – Big box retailers have shaped both the physical and economic landscapes of where they settle and have caused multitude of environmental and social harms: Link 10 L1


Q3.4 CAN – Okay, we know that big-box stores can hurt local business owners, that Free Trade has impacted the ability of governments to support local buying, and that we are getting items from all over world for prices that aren’t represented by their cost. So why should I buy local again? Here are a few more clear reasons: Link 11 L2

INT-US – What are some advantages of having locally owned businesses in your community? Check out this list of the great benefits associated with local business owners: Link 12 L2

INT – So what does a local economy look like? Bellingham, Washington, is a pretty good example: Link 13 (5:19) L1 


Q3.5 INT-US  The REconomy project is a part of the Transition Network, a global grassroots movement of communities seeking to strengthen their resilience to problems including climate change, rising energy prices, economic uncertainty and inequality through economic alternatives: Link 14 L2 

CAN – Vancity is the first financial institution to become carbon neutral and is helping investors give back to the planet: Link 15 L1 

INT – It’s not just buying local that supports a local economy, the way you vote, are involved in decision making when international companies are being proposed, and even the way you bank can make a difference. Why is “where you bank” significant? Link 16 L2


Helpful Optional Links

INT – Here is another perspective on the global impact of free trade Link 17 L2 and some advantages of free trade in less wealthy countries as well: Link 18 L2

INT-US – Let’s understand how we got here, and what our options are. What is a Plentitude Economy? How can it reduce our reliance on cheap big-box products? Link 19 (4:51) L2 And where could our consuming culture ultimately lead us? Link 20 (5:37) L2

INT-US – This sarcastic writer outlines how we have been seduced by a bargain and got what we paid for. Let’s look at big-box stores and how they are not sustainable: Link 21 L2

INT – This great video does a crash course on globalization and history: Link 22 L2

INT-US – "The Story of Stuff" is an animated documentary about the lifecycle of material goods. View the first part here Link 23


Current Events

US – 2016 January 15th - CBC  “Wal-Mart to close 269 stores in U.S., South America” In the face of increased competition from companies like, Wal-Mart has decided to close many of its loss-making stores and focus on supercentres, e-commerce and customer service: Event 1

INT – 2015 June 29th - The Guardian  “Circular Economy inspires young people to change the world” One of the biggest struggles we are facing as the global population grows is finding a way to feed everyone. In a circular economy, you have hyper-local food systems that allow the nutrients in organic wastes to be upcycled back into the food chain: Event 2

INT – 2015 June 25th The Huffington Post  “Can Free Trade Agreements Be Consistent With Climate Change Mitigation?” When thinking about the global economy the concern is that free trade agreements could elevate the rights of possession of fossil fuel resources above that of mitigating climate change: Event 3 

CAN  2015 December 1st - The Toronto Star  “Ontario co-op movement could use a leg up” Despite member-controlled and community-centric businesses gaining much appeal and generating billions in revenue, laws that govern co-ops in Ontario are strikingly outdated and restrictive: Event 4


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

CAN - Les économies locales affectent le monde entier. Ce lien décrit ce qu’est le commerce équitable, l’éthique qui y est associée, et les raisons pour lesquelles nous devons faire notre propre recherche. Le deuxième lien explique ce que c’est qu’une économie locale et comment elle fonctionne.Lien 1 et INT - Lien 2

INT – Qu’est-ce que le libre échange? L1 Lien 3

INT – Quelles sont les limites du libre échange? L1 Lien 4

INT – Apprenez quels sont les avantages des entreprises locales ! L1 Lien 5


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