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English Research Links

These links will inform your Research Questions and Critical Thinking Questions.

Q3.1 CAN  Canada ranks a “C” in global poverty index. This rank needs to be put in context of what exactly is income inequality and why we should care about the fact that it is growing in Canada and around the world: Link 1 L2 

CAN – Where does Canada stand with poverty? Canada does okay in compared to other 31 OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries in its overall social justice ranking, yet we have some alarming poverty statistics in certain areas, such as child poverty: Link 2 L2 


Q3.2 INT – We’ve heard about the 99% vs. the 1% and how wealth is distributed unfairly in countries such as Canada and the US. But what does the overall distribution of wealth in the world look like?  Watch a video about it here: Link 3 (3:51) L1 and read about here:  Link 4 L2



Q3.3 CAN-BC – How does poverty affect people in BC? Click here to find out from this informative 2008 video (note some statistics have changed since then but the majority of concepts and issues remain the same): Link 5 (3:02) L2 

CAN-BC – Find out more about how poverty affects BC and what plans they have in mind to address this issue: Link 6 L1


Q3.4 INT – How we experience climate change depends on the power and privilege we have. Similar to how those who own an umbrella are better protected from rain than those without an umbrella. Our levels of economic wealth also inform who is protected from climate change and who isn’t: Link 7 (2:34) L1

INT – According to the World Wildlife Foundation, communities in poor countries are more vulnerable to climate change and degradation of natural resources: Link 8 L2

INT – Does global warming affect all countries equally? Read this article about its effect on poorer countries: Link 9 L1


Q3.5 CAN – This video defines climate justice and what that looks like in our world: Link 10 (3:46) L2 and a brief description: Link 11 L2

INT – What should our goals look like to lower carbon emissions? Read more about how different countries are and should be tackling the climate crisis! Link 12 L2


Local Activity Links 

These links will be needed to complete your Local Activity.

CAN – Check out these basic statistics on poverty all over Canada: Link 13 L2

CAN-BC – Many people don’t realize that child poverty exists even in developed countries like our own. Check out the following video for a bird’s eye view of child poverty in BC: Link 14 (3:04) L1

CAN – Here’s a cheeky music video about Poverty in BC that you can pass along to your friends: Link 15 (3:04) L1 

CAN – Why is this the case? Let’s take a brief look into the systems and history that has put many Canadian First Nations in poverty: Link 16 L2

CAN – Find out how Idle No More is a movement that is fighting for equality and equity in Canada among First Nations and non-First Nations communities: Link 17 L2


Helpful Optional Links

INT – Why is wealth distributed unequally? In many ways, colonialism has created the current economic conditions around the world. This video captures how the “scramble for Africa” has lead to current global inequality: Link 18 (9:49) L2

What’s happening in Canada? The following links explore what is happening in our own backyards:

  • BC – This 2009 video highlights generally where we are in regards to poverty: Link 19 (3:30) L2
  • BC – These students show us where BC was at in 2012, and call for action (can also do a quick search for stats on other provinces/states): Link 20 (1:56) L1
  • BC – Let’s also look at the wages that support where BC is at: Link 21 L2
  • BC – Here’s a cheeky music video about poverty in BC that you can pass along to your friends: Link 15 (3:04) L2

INT – Micro-finance and loans in India: Link 22 (4:16) L2 and micro-finance explained: Link 23 (2:07) L2 

INT – Check out the Make Poverty History campaign here: Link 24 L1


Stakeholder Links

CAN – According to a report issued by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, 60% of First Nation children on reserve live in poverty. Read more highlights provided by CBC news here: Stakeholder 1 L1

CAN – From the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, here’s a look at the link between First Nations Poverty and the Canadian Economy: Stakeholder 2 L2


Current Events

CAN - 2017 June 14th - Global News - Living in a wealthy country does not mean poverty is not an issue. Canada ranks 37th on a list of 41 wealthy countries for children's well-being. Access to nutritious food, security, and mental health continue to be big issues: Event 1

INT – 2016 August - Muntwo Productions - Check out how this man is turning discarded plastic into homes for homeless people: Event 2

INT – 2015 June 29th  The Heartland Institute  “The Link between Climate and Poverty” New statements from the Pope have people talking more broadly about the connections between climate change and poverty: Event 3

CAN – 2015 June 23rd - The Star GTA  “Toronto releases 20-year poverty-busting plan” Toronto’s goal to create a prosperous city for all residents by 2035 starts Tuesday with the city’s release of a sweeping anti-poverty plan aimed at addressing growing inequality and lack of opportunity: Event 4

CAN – 2015 June 22nd - The Huffington Post  “Here’s Scientific Proof That Poverty Can Be Inherited” The story begins with two babies. Alike in potential, a lifetime of possibilities lies ahead. It ends with two adults: a man sporting a tux and sipping champagne, and a woman in a waitress uniform, serving him oysters: Event 5  

INT – 2015 June 22nd - The Guardian  “If we want to end poverty, we need to be able to measure it properly” When setting global goals for poverty reduction it is important to pay close attention to how poverty levels are measured: Event 6 

BC – 2015 April 8th - The Georgia Straight  “City of Vancouver new definition of social housing facing legal challenge” The B.C supreme court is challenging a new definition of social housing for Vancouver claiming that changes are describing “simply market rate rental housing”: Event 7 

BC – 2015 July 7th - The Globe and Mail “Vancouver mayor’s homelessness pledge fails as count stays unchanged": Event 8


Liens de Recherche en Français

Ces liens informeront vos Questions de Recherche et vos Réflexions Critiques 

INT -  La pauvreté est un problème immense. Le lien explique comment la pauvreté affecte les femmes. Lien 1

INT – Apprenez comment la pauvreté affecte toute la société. L1 Lien 2

INT – Apprenez à connaître l’inégalité économique du monde! L2 (3:30) Lien 3

INT – Apprenez ce qu’est la justice climatique! L1 Lien 4


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